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    Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation

    Waltja is an advocate for community-based services, and a go-between or mediating organisation linking Aboriginal people in remote communities to service providers and funding bodies. Waltja is also a service provider, providing training, health, nutrition, disability and advocacy, mental health support and youth services under Commonwealth, NT-funded and philanthropic programs.


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    Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation

    Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC) has dedicated itself to developing the strength, health, confidence and leadership of Warlpiri youth since 1993. The program aims to promote positive and meaningful future pathways for all young Warlpiri people.

    Jaru Pirjirdi (Strong Voices) Youth Developmental Project

    A youth development and leadership program as well as an after-care project to assist at risk indigenous young people living in Yuendumu to build positive futures beyond substance abuse.

    Mount Theo Respite Outstation

    Provides a traditional program to assist people with anyproblems including substance abuse, petrol sniffing, suicidal thoughts or those who are victims of domestic violence. The program particularly assists Walpiri indigenous children, young people and adults.

    Outreach Program

    Provides diversionary and youth development activities for the Warlpiri communities of Willowra, Nyirrpi and Lajamanu. The Program includes WETT Youth & Media Project. The model focuses initially on diversionary activities for indigenous young people.

    Project-based media workshops focus on developing interesting youth & media opportunities for young people as a diversion from at-risk behaviours.

    Higher-end media training and activities focus on employment options and media products for use in indigenous communities and the wider community.

    The Program includes Willowra Youth Development Program, Lajamanu Youth Development Program and Nyirrpi Youth Development Program.

    Vacation Care

    Various holiday programs assist parents by providing recreational activities for primary-school children.

    The service particularly assists indigenous families.Warra Warra Kanyi Youth Counselling & MentoringService A community-based youth counselling and mentoring service operating from the remote Warlpiri community of Yuendumu.

    Yuendumu Youth Program

    Offers a range of youth activities to promote health and wellbeing for children and young people in Yuendumu.


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    Will Care Home Support

    Clinical and personal care provided by experienced and caring Support Workers and Registered Nurses for NDIS participants Bringing quality care to those in need from Darwin to Katherine (including the shires of Belyeun and Wagait)

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    Wisemind Psychology

    Wisemind Psychology is collaborative, client-focused, and sensitive to the varied needs of individuals. Our team provides comprehensive on-going care with a commitment to efficiency, integrity, and confidentiality.

    We adopt a personality-guided approach to psychological services which incorporates the influence of individual differences in assessment and treatment.

    Our psychology programs specialise in assisting clients improve the overall quality of their thinking, emotions, behaviour and functioning. All Wisemind psychologists are nationally registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia and are committed to their professional field, offering only high quality, ethical and evidence-based therapeutic treatments. ​

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    Witness Assistance Service

    The Witness Assistance Service is a unit within the Director of Public Prosecutions and its primary role is to provide support to victims of crime and witnesses who need to appear in Court to give evidence.

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    Witness Assistance

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    Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia

    Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia (WoSSCA) is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that operates on a feminist framework and is committed to assisting and enabling women and children experiencing domestic, family and sexual violence.


    ​If you are at risk or injured right now, please call 000 immediately.

    If you are unsafe and need shelter and protection, please call us on08 89526075, or come to us at the shelter and we can help you.

    Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia (previously Alice Springs Women’s Shelter) is a safe place for you and your children.

    If you feel unsafe or at risk, you can come to us. If you are unsure, you can come and talk to us.

    There are staff available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can sit with you if you need to talk, about your safety and options if you need immediate shelter and protection.

    Domestic violence can be in the form of physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, social, spiritual or financial abuse. Nobody has the right to be violent towards you. Not husbands, partners, ex-husbands or ex-partners, friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends or strangers. Nobody.

    There are ways we can help now and in the future. We provide support services for all women in Central Australia, who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence.

    ​We help women in Alice Springs, as well as across borders. Our services reach women in communities across the tri-state region of Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

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    Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service

    Wurli provides a range of community services to Aboriginal people living in Katherine and 40 km radius. Clients can ‘walk in’ at any time during operating hours, but if clients prefer, the clinic also operates an appointment system for current clients. Access to all clinical services is improved by our transport service, which can collect clients from anywhere within 40 kilometres of Katherine. Wurli will send out reminder letters and messages to you and family when due for an appointment or other type of follow up care.


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    Hilary Sinfield

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    Yilli Rreung Housing Aboriginal Corporation

    We provide affordable housing to individuals and families who are disadvantaged in the mainstream housing market.
    We manage the tenancies and municipal services of Indigenous communities.

    Formed in 2003 Yilli Rreung Housing Aboriginal Corporation is a nationally registered Community Housing Provider (CHP).
    Yilli is registered under the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC).
    It is the largest single provider of community housing in the Northern Territory with a portfolio of over two hundred properties across the Greater Darwin Region.

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    Yilli Rreung

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    We understand that to play our role in building Happy, Healthy Communities, we have to be effective, efficient and sustainable.​

    We now have an enhanced capacity to partner, with Government, business and charities. We have a bigger brand footprint and potential to impact across the Territory.

    With stronger governance (including formal community representation from each region) and better staff and volunteer support thanks to enhanced training, policies and processes, we have the opportunity to regenerate the Y in the Territory, with new volunteer and staff positions and new expertise onboard.

    Government funded programs and policy will now be delivered across the Territory, not just Darwin centric and service delivery will become a key focus for us. We have the ability to address Territory wide social issues and will offer high quality and sustainable service delivery, targeted to specific communities.

    Partnerships are critical to our success and we will have a shared value approach with partners and seek to work with Government, business and other charities to address local needs.

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    NTCOSS Support

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    Youth Law Australia

    We give free and confidential legal advice to young people (under 25) and their supporters.
    Youth Law Australia’s Workers’ Rights Service assists young people with all types of employment law matters.

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    YouthWorX NT

    YouthWorX NT is a not for profit organisation that works in partnership with education, business, government and the community to improve the career potential of all Territorians. By providing a suite of ‘transition to work’ programs, services and events, we support meaningful and sustainable pathways to training, higher education and employment for young people and adults alike. Our specialised coaching model offers individuals what they most need to move into meaningful work: personal, social and practical employability skills, enriched by opportunities to explore the world of work, build networks and gain the experience that employers truly value.

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    Yuendumu Women’s Centre Aboriginal Corporation (YWCAC)

    Yuendumu Women’s Centre (YWCAC) is a meeting place, a resource centre and provider of advocacy services for the women of Yuendumu and their families.

    YWCAC manage the Yuendumu Women’s Safe House.


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    YWCA Australia (Darwin)

    YWCA Darwin is a non-religious organisation that achieves positive change by providing advocacy, programs and services for women, families and young people in Darwin. YWCA Darwin is a feminist organisation with a social justice agenda.

    We share the aim of the World YWCA to use women’s leadership to deliver safe and sustainable services and promote justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment.

    We are committed to:

    • Promoting women, young women and girl’s full and equal participation at all levels of society.
    • Working for social and economic justice for all women, young women and girl’s.
    • Mobilising women, young women and girl’s collective power for action on issues of vital concern in the Northern Territory, in particular violence against girls, women and their families and the impact of homelessness on women, young women and girls.

    YWCA Darwin’s programs are below:

    CASY House

    Provides crisis accommodation and support for young people 15 to 18 years old who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Referral to other community services and food & clothing vouchers are also available.

    Domestic & Family Violence Centre

    Provides crisis accommodation and case-management support for families escaping domestic violence. Support includes advocacy, referral and assistance with attending legal appointments, court hearings, Centrelink services and other support services. Outreach support is also provided for families not accommodated at the centre.

    Food for Futures Social Enterprise

    Food for Futures is YWCA Darwin’s catering and conference facility social enterprise operating out of Barbara James House and is able to support the work of YWCA Darwin, which provides a diverse range of programs

    Housing Support Program

    The Housing Support program provides an opportunity for a continuum of housing services for young people and older single women. The Housing Support Program provides case management to respond to homelessness by assisting young people and older single women to move into, or retain, independent accommodation.

    Keeping Women Safe in Their Home 

    Keeping Women Safe in Their Home is a program designed to undertake risk assessment, safety planning and security upgrades for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence so that they can stay in their own homes, or a home of their choice, where it is safe to do so. The program aims to achieve positive outcomes for families, women and their children to improve safety, well-being and reduce violence against women and their children.

    Medical Accommodation Program

    Provides short-term accommodation for clients accessing the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre, who come from regional Northern Territory locations. The accommodation features secure access, well appointed guest rooms in family and single room configurations, self-catering communal kitchens, movie room, games rooms, kiosk, guest laundry, internet facilities, and nursery equipment.

    Parenting Support Program

    A program for young parents and their children, providing focussed services and case management, links to education and group programs.

    Women of Worth 

    Women of worth supports women in custody, under community correction orders, on home detention, and on remand to engage with the community and reduce re-offending.

    Youth Diversion Program

    Is a Police/Court based referral program providing a case-managed response to young offenders, using a restorative justice approach.


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