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    Venture Housing Company Ltd

    Venture Housing Company Ltd (‘Venture’), a company limited by guarantee is a ‘For Purpose’ (not-for-profit), housing provider of safe and affordable housing options for Territorians.

    Venture focuses on providing rental housing for low to moderate income earners in the Territory who are struggling to find a home. There is a strong emphasis on targeting key workers vital to the Territory’s economy, such as those in the retail, hospitality and trade sectors.

    Venture also provides and manages housing for seniors and is working towards innovative solutions to the provision of housing for disadvantaged groups in the community. To achieve this, Venture works with a number of stakeholders including the Northern Territory Government, the private sector and other non-government organisations through partnerships to deliver housing projects


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    Yilli Housing Community Housing

    In partnership with Indigenous leaseholder organisations and the Northern Territory Government, Yilli Housing provides housing management, maintenance and municipal services to the following communities:

    Urban Community
    Amangal Community
    Bagot Community
    Knuckeys Lagoon Community
    15 Miles community (Palmerston Indigenous Village)
    One Mile Dam Community (Railway dam)

    Outstations/ Homeland
    Belyuen Community
    Bulgul Community (Wagait)
    Pandayal Community
    Wairuk Community (Humpty Doo)
    Walagurrmimi Community
    Woolaning Community (Batchelor)

    Community housing application
    Yilli manages housing applications for Bagot, Knuckey’s Lagoon, 15 Miles and works together with the community leaders to select the tenants.

    Am I eligible?
    To be eligible for community housing, the primary housing applicant must:

    • not currently own a property
    • be 18 years or over
    • be a Northern Territory resident
    • have never been evicted from Yilli Housing
    • be identified as Aboriginal or Torrest Strait Islander

    You are required to fill out the Housing Application Form plus 100 points of identification to be included with your application before it can be processed. Photo identification and current income statement is required in all applications.

    Waiting List
    Due to limited housing stock in the communities, we have a waiting list for people who applied for community housing. Only applicants who have completed the application form and the 100 points of ID will be put on the waiting list. It is important to keep your contact number updated, so that we can contact you when a house becomes available. Our waiting list is different from the list that the Territory housing has.

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    Yilli Rreung

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    YWCA Australia – Medical Accommodation Program

    When people from remote and rural communities travel to Darwin to access cancer or other medical treatments, where do they stay?

    Located close to Royal Darwin Hospital, Barbara James House and Dr Helen Phillipps Cottages are homes away from home for patients from remote and rural communities. It provides accommodation, three meals a day, and Barbara James House is staffed 24/7.

    All bookings are made by Patients Assisted Travel Services (PATS) for approved travellers.

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