Alcohol, Drugs & Other Dependencies

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    CatholicCare NT – Alcohol and other Drugs Counselling

    Our AOD program provides counselling and group work for people affected by alcohol and drugs misuse. We provide counselling, group work, family work and community education. We help to understand the impact that AOD has on their lives and their family’s lives. We help clients to come up with strategies to reduce the negative affects of their AOD misuse.

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    CatholicCare NT – DAISY Program

    The DAISY program works with youth and their families to address the impact of alcohol and other drugs in their lives. We help young people to reduce harm related behaviours from alcohol and other drugs misuse.

    The program is aimed at young people aged between 12 and 19 years old who use, or are affected by, alcohol and other drugs. We help them change their behaviours and understand the impact that alcohol and other drugs misuse has on their life.

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    CatholicCare NT – Dual Diagnosis Practitioner

    Our Dual Diagnosis Practitioner supports people with complex mental health and substance misuse concerns.

    Who we help

    We help people who experience barriers to accessing mental health services because of substance misuse. This includes people with personality and mood disorders and cognitive impairments.

    How we help

    Counselling: We tailor counselling sessions to the needs of our clients. We use a range of techniques, which can include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, harm reduction and relapse prevention, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and narrative therapy.

    Family counselling: We help clients and their families to make sure they have the support they need to address mental health and substance misuse concerns.

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    Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit (CAAAPU)

    Counselling & Alcohol-Awareness Program

    Provides counselling, alcohol-awareness education, life skills and an after-care program for indigenous people with alcohol An outreach day-care alcohol-awareness program is available for indigenous men and women with alcohol problems. Individuals are able to attend the centre during the day to participate in the programs undertaken by residents in the residential treatment program.

    Outreach Programs

    Outreach school, community and prison programs are available for indigenous children, young people and adults with alcohol problems. This includes follow-up services for people who have completed the residential treatment program.

    Residential Treatment Program

    An eight-week residential treatment program for indigenous people with alcohol problems. The program also assists residents to give up cigarettes and cannabis drug use.


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    Congress – Social & Emotional Wellbeing Service

    Our Social & Emotional Wellbeing Service provides Aboriginal people and their families including children and adolescents with holistic and culturally appropriate primary health care for social and cultural wellbeing, mental health and community connectedness including:

    • confidential counselling and psychological services including psycho-education;
    • social and cultural support including case management, Women’s and Men’s bush trips, art therapy, access to local language speakers and connection to country;
    • drug and alcohol treatment for Aboriginal people experiencing the effects of harmful alcohol and alcohol use; and
    • a dedicated GP service.

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    Danila Dilba Alcohol and Other Drugs Support Service

    The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) service provides support to clients and their families, who are impacted by alcohol or drugs. We support clients and their families to seek change or help the client access AOD treatment or rehabilitation.

    The AOD team delivers services to Indigenous people that is accessible, confidential and meets the client’s cultural needs. The AOD team work from your local clinic, and in partnership with external organisations.  The team delivers a range of initiatives including education, counselling, referrals to other services, advocacy and health promotion at events across Darwin and Palmerston.

    We offer outreach services to people living rough in the Darwin suburbs, and share information about Danila Dilba Health Service, what services are available and how to access these services.

    Speak to your local Danila Dilba clinic staff about how to get access to this service.

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    Drug & Alcohol Services Association (DASA)

    Aranda House Therapeutic Community

    Provides accommodation in a residential therapeutic community facility that provides a twelve-week program for people with alcohol problems and an eight-week program for people with volatile substance misuse.

    After-care is also available.

    Community Education

    Community education programs are available.

    Counselling Services

    Provides counselling in the form of a personal lifestyle improvement program for people with drug or alcohol problems.

    Drink-Driver Training Program

    Drink-driver training courses are available for people who have been apprehended by the police and have lost their licence owing to drink-driving.

    Independent Living

    Allows clients to continue their recovery from alcohol or other drug use while living with their families in self-contained accommodation (apartments) for up to two years. Clients are supported by a caseworker.

    Information & Referral

    Information, intervention and referral are available for people with alcohol or other drug problems.

    Interpreting staff from indigenous cultures are available.


    A mobile team of four workers operate an outreach service for people who have alcohol or other drug problems and are in need.

    Residential Detoxification Treatment

    Short-term accommodation at Aranda House with non-medical detoxification treatment and counselling is available for people with alcohol or other drug problems. The initial detoxification and withdrawal service can be co-managed with another health service should a medical detoxification be necessary.

    Interpreting staff from indigenous cultures are available.

    Sobering-Up Shelter

    Provides accommodation for people who need to sober up following drug or alcohol abuse and have come to the attention of the Police.

    Transitional After Care

    Accommodation is provided in a semi-independent-living program for up to 12 months for people with alcohol or other drug problems. The program is based on a therapeutic community model where clients are actively involved in their own personal recovery in a safe & caring setting.


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    Employee Assistance Service Australia (EASA) provides excellence in counselling and Human Resource consulting to improve productivity and well being in Northern Territory organisations.
    We exist to provide comprehensive and accessible psychological support, and organisational capacity development services throughout the Northern Territory. To be an organisation’s first choice for all psychological and organisational capacity development needs in the Northern Territory


    Counselling, organisational development, human-resource consultancy services and critical-incident stress-management services are available for individuals and organisations across the Northern Territory.

    Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

    Provides professional, customised support and learning programs to minimise risks to employees’ personal health and wellbeing associated with exposure to traumatic events. Training includes stress management, effective communication, basic counselling skills and dealing with aggressive & violent people. A comprehensive peer support training program is also available.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Provides a comprehensive range of confidential counselling and support services in work-related problems for employees and their immediate family members, paid for by employers.

    After-hours appointments are also available.

    Male and female counsellors are available.

    Training & Development

    Training and consultancy services available in organisational development and human resources include strategic & business planning, performance management, succession planning, organisational reviews, focus groups & culture surveys, team development, leadership, development programs, human resource consulting, performance review & evaluation, policy review & development, recruitment and retention, recruitment testing, job design, outplacement services, career planning, performance management, diversity & cultural change and organisational change.

    Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Program

    A specialist counselling and therapeutic treatment service for people affected by alcohol and other drugs.

    The program helps to support, encourage and reinforceactions taken by individuals to reduce alcohol and othersubstance related harm. The program is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of the individual, children, couples, families, groups, communities or organisations.

    Education and counselling for employees and members oftheir immediate families are also available.

    EASA psychologists and counsellors offering the program are professionally accredited, trained and experienced. Male and female counsellors are available.


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    FORWAARD Foundation of Rehabilitation with Aboriginal Alcohol Related Difficulties

    FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation is a quality certified, not for profit, Aboriginal controlled organisation which was established in 1967.  Through our treatment programs, FORWAARD enables people to integrate back into society reconnecting with their families and community. We provide a secure place for individuals to stay while they are recovering, in an environment that is culturally appropriate and supportive of efforts at rehabilitation. While we predominantly support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we will, and always have assisted any person who is genuinely seeking and needing our services.

    We provide client centred, holistic programs, focusing on all aspects of an individuals social and emotional wellbeing. As part of our program, we explore the positive impact that harm minimisation has on a person, their family and community. We will provide a variety of life skills, financial and work placement training, all the while supporting clients and providing them with the tools needed to overcome their alcohol or drug misuse.


    Individual and group counselling are available as part of a twelve week residential rehabilitation program for indigenous and nonindigenous people with alcohol problems.

    Drug & Alcohol Education Awareness Program for Schools & Youth Groups

    Provides education and awareness at schools for children and young people in Years 5 to 12 about alcohol or other drugs. Youth groups are also available across the Top End.

    Education & General Information

    Education and general information are provided for indigenous and non-indigenous people with alcohol problems.

    Residential Rehabilitation Program

    A twelve-week residential treatment program for indigenous and non-indigenous adults and young people over 18 years old. The program provides an opportunity to identify and address the main problems and concerns relating to their substance misuse.


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    Headspace is a free and confidential service that can help eligible young people aged 12 to 25 with their mental health and wellbeing. headspace Darwin provides assistance in 4 key areas: Mental Health, Physical and Sexual Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and Vocational Support.

    Headspace Darwin encompasses a headspace Primary, headspace Early Psychosis and an Enhanced Care service.


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