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    CatholicCare NT – Community Development Program

    The Community Development Program (CDP) is a remote employment and community development service. It helps eligible job seekers to build skills, find work and stay employed.

    Who we help

    This program helps Aboriginal community members from communities across South East Alice Springs.

    How we help

    We work with job seekers, families and communities to help job seekers gain and maintain employment. We provide training and education to help participants find local employment. We help to address barriers to work including language, literacy and numeracy skills, substance abuse and health issues. CatholicCare NT partners with Atyenhenge-Atherre Aboriginal Corporation in delivering this service.

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    Central Australian Remote Health Development Services (CARHDS)

    CARHDS is a unique service as it is the only training and development organisation in Central Australia whose primary focus is on remote health services.

    Remote Health Development Services

    The Central Australian Remote Health Development Service develops the capacity of Aboriginal people and health professionals to improve community health outcomes and to increase effective Aboriginal control over primary health care service delivery. The service provides accredited and non-accredited health-development education and resources in remote areas of the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

    In-Service Primary Health-Care Education

    In-service health education and training are available to meet the needs of Aboriginal Health Workers/Practitioners & Aboriginal staff and board members associated with the health clinics and medical centres.

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    Centre for Remote Health (CRH)

    Clinical Training

    Provides remote clinical training and rural placements for medical students from Flinders University and other Australian universities.

    Remote Health

    Provides health education and undertakes research and evaluation relating to health in remote indigenous communities.


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    Child Wise

    Child Wise is a social enterprise that provides child safety training, consultancy and accreditation services to organisations where children and young people spend time. Our purpose is to build the capacity of management, staff and volunteers to keep children safe in their care according to the highest standards. Established in 1991, Child Wise has over 25 years of experience specialising in preventing, and responding to, child abuse. In Australia, Child Wise pioneered the use of Child Safety Standards as a best practice model based on the principles of capacity building and prevention, that aim to create and maintain a culture where child safety is front of mind. We work with organisations of all sizes, across a range of different industries to achieve our mission. 


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    Child Wise

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    CORP Workplace Solutions

    You may have made contact with EASA (the provider of our Psychological services) in the past and may have been surprised by the depth of services we offer in the Organisational Services area. With encouragement from some of our valued customers we are ensuring that other workplaces are getting the opportunity to access these services too.

    CORP was created to meet the growing demand for a dedicated area specialising in support about a range of common challenges. We aim for a dedicated area for employees to explore their own development, and organisations to grow their employees.

    We felt that all too commonly Organisations were turning to the South for Services that we have been providing for over 30 years, our challenge is getting the word out. With the ‘Tomorrow’s Territory’ promotion underway, Territory wide, our focus is for NT people to utilise NT services and learn that select local services can service the Territory just as good if not better than down South!
    The changing environment in which you operate poses opportunity, to do more with less, to create an adaptable, professional, flexible and skilled workforce to support organisational change and redesign.

    We’ve noticed engagement in our services, can be later in the change process and we are engaged in efforts to deal with unintended outcomes. The biggest challenge is engaging in reflection before change occurs as well as during the process. We aim to assist and support your Leadership in the change process. With our background and use of EASA’s psychological expertise we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon.

    EASA’s basis of psychological knowledge particularly in what we now know about the brain lifts our workshops return on investment. We’ve all attended training that hasn’t engaged us. Growth and development for an individual or an organisation has been researched extensively, this helps us understand whole brain thinking/planning at both the organisation and individual level.

    CORP knows that: “we’ve always done it this way’’ relates to our comfort zones, that change or adaption is tough but often necessary in changing environments. Ask how CORP can support your progress and growth tapping into your resources and assisting you to lead.

    Services that CORP offers:

    • Mediation
    • Group Facilitation
    • Workplace Investigation
    • Conflict assessment
    • Conflict Coaching
    • Life Coaching
    • Management Coaching
    • Training
    • Exit Interviews
    • Psych testing
    • Charter of Agreed Behaviours


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    Darwin Skills Development Scheme (DSDS)

    Darwin Skills Development Scheme Inc is a community based not for profit organisation that is the Sponsor for Project Employment, the Indigenous Employment Program, and Emergency Relief funds.

    We believe that everyone has the right to engage in meaningful work, to fulfil their potential as citizens and participate equitably in their community Disability Employment Services A specialised employment service providing placement, training and support in the open labour market for young people and adults with disabilities. Various free services individually tailored for job seekers, employees and employers are provided. 

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    Employee Assistance Service Australia (EASA) provides excellence in counselling and Human Resource consulting to improve productivity and well being in Northern Territory organisations.
    We exist to provide comprehensive and accessible psychological support, and organisational capacity development services throughout the Northern Territory. To be an organisation’s first choice for all psychological and organisational capacity development needs in the Northern Territory


    Counselling, organisational development, human-resource consultancy services and critical-incident stress-management services are available for individuals and organisations across the Northern Territory.

    Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

    Provides professional, customised support and learning programs to minimise risks to employees’ personal health and wellbeing associated with exposure to traumatic events. Training includes stress management, effective communication, basic counselling skills and dealing with aggressive & violent people. A comprehensive peer support training program is also available.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Provides a comprehensive range of confidential counselling and support services in work-related problems for employees and their immediate family members, paid for by employers.

    After-hours appointments are also available.

    Male and female counsellors are available.

    Training & Development

    Training and consultancy services available in organisational development and human resources include strategic & business planning, performance management, succession planning, organisational reviews, focus groups & culture surveys, team development, leadership, development programs, human resource consulting, performance review & evaluation, policy review & development, recruitment and retention, recruitment testing, job design, outplacement services, career planning, performance management, diversity & cultural change and organisational change.

    Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Program

    A specialist counselling and therapeutic treatment service for people affected by alcohol and other drugs.

    The program helps to support, encourage and reinforceactions taken by individuals to reduce alcohol and othersubstance related harm. The program is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of the individual, children, couples, families, groups, communities or organisations.

    Education and counselling for employees and members oftheir immediate families are also available.

    EASA psychologists and counsellors offering the program are professionally accredited, trained and experienced. Male and female counsellors are available.


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    EqualiTEA – Training, Employment, Activities

    We provide training, employment and activities for people with disability, to help them get their dream job.

    ​We work with a person, exactly where they are. We work with you to determine your individual readiness for work, your employment goals and then come up with a plan, just for you!

    We can support you to:

    • Explore potential careers
    • Study or train to get your dream job
    • Support you to gain skills to start a micro-business
    • Offer you a paid, volunteer or work placement with our community partners
    • Create a placement with you in one of our scalable social enterprises, or work with you to start one
    • Connect you with future employees
    • Connect you with peers in the same boat as you

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    Headspace is a free and confidential service that can help eligible young people aged 12 to 25 with their mental health and wellbeing. headspace Darwin provides assistance in 4 key areas: Mental Health, Physical and Sexual Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and Vocational Support.

    Headspace Darwin encompasses a headspace Primary, headspace Early Psychosis and an Enhanced Care service.


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    HPA – Helping People Achieve

    HPA Helping People Achieve provides employment & support services to Territorians with physical & intellectual disabilities  in the Darwin & Palmerston areas. Through employment & support, people with disabilities can develop confidence, independence & life skills to lead a fulfilled everyday life in a world where there are no barriers.

    DAS Support Services

    DAS provides a range of accommodation support options including:

    24-hour Supported accommodation in Darwin
    Independent living training unit
    Independent units in the Darwin and Palmerston area
    Outreach services tailored to individual support needs.


    Is an industrial sewing business specialising in the manufacture of indigenous print conference bags, promotional bags and a wide range of gift and souvenir products. Ausdesigns provides high-quality screen printing, digital printing and embroidery services. They also supply promotional products, hats, school wear, sportswear, work wear (including HiVis) and corporate wear. Assembly, collating work and confidential document shredding is also undertaken at this factory. Ausdesigns also sell Industrial Rags.

    Kokoda Industries

    A medium sized workshop manufacturing a range of timber, steel and aluminium products including Parkland furniture, grandstand seating, pallets, lattice, survey pegs, sprinkler stands, army targets and other products as commissioned.


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