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Migrant Education

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    Ignite Potential-Onboarding and Mentoring for Migrants

    Funded by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, this program aims to make migrant integration faster leading to positive employment outcomes.

    The classroom sessions involved activity-based learning where the participants were coached to build their personal brand and made to independently talk about their personal branding. The participants learnt how to create their resumes and cover letters for specific job applications and picked up skills in answering interview questions. Role plays were conducted among participants to understand face-to-face interviews and to practice speaking at interviews. Common errors were corrected, and suggestions were made to improve quality of responses and on how to win an interview.

    A holistic understanding of Australian qualifications and Australian workplace culture was given to the participants and suggestions were made on courses to study or jobs that are in demand. Questions regarding these topics were answered keeping in mind the multicultural workforce of Australia and how the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people can fit into the ever changing and demanding job roles. The participants understood how Northern Territory and the city of Darwin is different from other cities in Australia and the importance effective networking, developing self-confidence, interview preparations, entrepreneurship, volunteering, etc.

    The participants were given to understand Fair Work and the basic work rights for migrants. Practical insights were given, and myth busters videos were played to them to give a holistic understanding of work rights.

    On the completion of the classroom session, participants were put on to a virtual “Cultural Competence” training conducted by SBS. This training provides valuable insights into the Australian work culture and practices, cultural diversity, unconscious bias and how to avoid them, embracing culture change and settling in a workplace that is linguistically and culturally diverse.

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    The Gathering – ACE Trades Training and Mentoring Program

    The Alternative Christian Education (ACE) Trades Training and Mentoring Program introduces participants to the construction industry. The ACE Program is designed to accommodate people with low literacy levels and from various cultural backgrounds. The ACE Program is very versatile and can be adapted to suit individual circumstances.

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