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    Anglicare NT – OutCARE (Men’s Pre & Post Release Supported Accommodation Program)

    OutCARE provides acccommodation (share houses) and supports people leaving prison to rebuild their lives,reconnect with family and work towards a positive future. This includes helping with immediate practical needs on release,linking with employment,training and community supports and exploring longer term goals.

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    Anglicare NT – Resolve Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

    Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution practitioners assist separating couples work through issues such as living arrangements for their children and property settlements. Impartial practitioners provide mediation to help both parties reach an agreement. Family Dispute Resolution is a voluntary process. It is non-adversarial,confidential and inexpensive compared to the Family Court system and can produce quicker results. Child-inclusive sessions may be recommended to ensure the voice of children can be heard – these seesions are conducted by specially trained Child Consultants. *We use a sliding scale to set fees. Let us know if you are experiencing financial difficulties or are on a low income. No-one is excluded. Fees will be negotiated at your first appointment.

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    BushMob runs a residential program in Alice Springs for young people aged 12 to 25 years of age, wanting to get their lives back on track without alcohol, drugs or sniffing. The program allows each participant the option of a support person who can stay with them for a few days when they begin the program. The program requires the participants to undertake alcohol and other drug assessments, receive medical checkups and receive counselling. The BushMob residential program is a very unique program, tailored to meet the needs of young people living in Central Australia.

    Outreach Bush Adventure Therapy Program

    An early intervention program providing weekly, overnight & two-week adventure bush trips & camps for groups of 8 to 30 young people 12 to 25 years old. The programs focus on preventing youth homelessness; drug, alcohol & sniffing misuse; and disconnection of young people from their schools, families & communities. Program areas include skills development, self-discovery, counselling, team work, bush walking, swimming, rock climbing, caving, camel or horse treks, four-wheel driving, cooking & mechanics.

    Outreach Intensive Support Programs for Young People

    Support programs are provided for disadvantaged youngpeople 12 to 25 years old who are at risk of engaging in the misuse of alcohol, drugs or sniffing substances.Support available includes 24-hour care in residentialaccommodation, case management, counselling, briefintervention, life-skills development and education & training programs. After-hours telephone contact is available. As an independent, membership-driven, not-for-profit association, we work with our members to support and strengthen AOD service delivery for people who experience harmful substance use in the NT. Our mission is to build and maintain a strong, sustainable and culturally diverse Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector that works together to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm across the Northern Territory.

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    CatholicCare NT – Crime Victims Counselling Service

    Being a victim of crime can affect your mental health and wellbeing. The Crime Victims Counselling Service provides counselling and support for people affected by crime. We make sure victims have the resources and support they need to move on with their lives.
    We can help people who are the victim of a crime or who witness a crime. We can also help relatives and close friends of a victim.
    Our counselling service is tailored to the needs of each client. Clients are entitled to up to eight clinical counselling sessions. Counselling can be face-to-face, by telephone or in a group setting.
    We can assist with:
    • Information and advice about the legal process and your rights
    • Applications for compensation.
    • Referrals to other support services
    • Community education and training
    People can refer themselves to this program. Service providers (including GPs and agencies) can also make referrals.
    Call 1800 899 855 (free call) to make a referral.

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    CatholicCare NT – Elders Visiting Program

    The Elders Visiting Program provides Elders the opportunity to participate in a prisoner’s preparation for release. Elders and community members can participate in mediated discussions with offenders in preparation for their release and return to community.
    We help Elders to engage with community members and stakeholders. We help to facilitate conversations with community members and offenders that allow them to reach a decision.

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    Central Australian Aboriginal Family Legal Unit (CAAFLU)

    CAAFLU provides culturally appropriate legal and support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic and family violence or sexual assault.

    • legal advice and representation
    • advocacy
    • information
    • referrals
    • support

    CAAFLU’s Legal Services

    Family violence and Sexual Assault

    • Advice and court representation with domestic violence order (DVO) applications including variations and extensions
    • Assist victims in talking with police and understanding the court process
    • Assist victims in monitoring offender’s criminal proceedings and DVO breaches
    • Victims register applications

    Victims of Crime Compensation

    • Applications including increase and review applications for compensation

    Child Protection

    • Advice and legal representation to parents and/or extended family about their rights in relation to children
    • Care plan meetings
    • Negotiate with Territory Families in relation to contact
    • Family placement, kinship carers and reunification

    Family law/Parenting Matters (only where family violence exists)

    • Representation and advice on parents and family rights in relation to children
    • Court representation
    • Representation at mediation and referrals

    CAAFLU’s Support Services

    General Client Support

    • Client referrals to and support in accessing other services including medical, counselling, accommodation, financial and other relevant services
    • Crisis intervention including liaison with police, medical, accommodation and financial services
    • Safety planning
    • Arrange and prioritize the use of interpreters
    • Cultural advising/brokering
    • Housing support though assisting with priority housing applications, support letters and gathering supporting documentation
    • Providing information to other local services about legal issues related to family violence and sexual assault

    Community Legal Education

    CAAFLU develops and delivers community legal education to government agencies, non-government organisations, schools and other community stakeholders.

    Policy and Law Reform

    CAAFLU contributes to relevant policy and law reform initiatives on both a state and federal level.

    Organising and Engaging in Events both locally and nationally to raise awareness about family violence and to promote change in our community


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    Darwin Community Legal Service

    DCLS is a free, confidential service. We assist disadvantaged members of the community to protect their legal rights. We work towards a community where everyone has access to legal advice and support. We seek to challenge unjust laws and procedures, and to ensure that people are aware of their legal rights.

    General Legal Service

    The General Legal Service can provide free legal information and advice on most non-criminal matters including:

    • employment
    • credit and debt
    • social security (Centrelink) rights
    • discrimination

    Tenants’ Advice Service

    Provides information, advice, advocacy and support for tenants on all tenancy and related legal issues.

    The TAS works to:

    • Advise you on problems you are having with your landlord or real estate agent.
    • Negotiate and advocate on your behalf with your landlord or real estate agent.
    • Assist you with advice, documentation and in some cases representation before the Norther Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT).
    • Talk to your community group or organisation about tenants’ rights
    • Undertake activities to improve legislation and policies for residential tenants in the Northern Territory

    Seniors and Disability Rights Service

    The Seniors and Disability Rights Service is based in Darwin and regularly visits Katherine, Nhulunbuy and other locations across the Top End of the NT as required.

    The Seniors and Disability Rights Service assists older people or people with disabilities and their representatives who:

    • want to know about their rights and how to obtain them
    • receive Commonwealth funded aged care services in residential facilities

    We also provide:

    • community awareness and education activities
    • factsheets
    • systemic advocacy, policy and law reform work
    • NDIS planning and appeals support
    • information, education and referrals through our Elder Abuse Information Line (1800 037 072)


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    Environmental Defenders Office (NT)

    Environmental Law & Planning Service

    A community-based legal service practising in planning and environmental law and providing legal advice & advocacy on public-interest planning & environmental law for individuals and groups. The service also provides education for community groups and engages in law reform.


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    Adolescent Program

    A program for adolescents wanting to look at issues relating to their misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs.

    Alcohol or Other Drug Support Program

    Provides support and assistance primarily for families and individuals affected by alcohol or other drugs, but is also suitable for people experiencing stress related to any life situation such as divorce or separation.

    Children & Adolescent Support Program

    A support program for children and adolescents 5 to 18 years old living in families where there is alcohol and/or other drug misuse.

    Age-appropriate groups are provided.

    Drum Beat

    An innovative program for young people & adults and male & female prisoners that teaches about relationships, team building and communication through drumming.

    Managing Your Life Program

    Offers separate groups for adult males and females wanting to make changes in their lives relating to their misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs. The Program is also suitable for people experiencing stress related to any life situation such as divorce or separation.

    School-Based Program

    A program providing up-to-date information for secondary school students about the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Programs are individually tailored for schools.

    Skills for Life

    A program for people who have been affected by the drinking problem of a relative or friend.


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