Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

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    Red Dust Role Models Ltd – Strong Men and Boys Program

    The purpose of the SYMBP is to support the development of strong male Aboriginal youth as they navigate their complex worlds and overcome a range of cultural, spiritual, social-emotional and educational obstacles in order to achieve authentic success in their lives. All programs involve explicit and practical cultural synthesis, are delivered in both local language/s and English and are typically facilitated using a combination of strategies including yarning circles, explicit instruction, classroom teacher co-facilitation, peer led participatory approaches and hands-on interactive activities.

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    Relationships Australia – Relationship Counselling

    Build a happy, healthy and lasting relationship through counselling. Our local counsellors have experience and training to help relationships. We work with couples to lower stress and conflict. We try to improve key areas such as communication, trust and intimacy.

    Common topics that we can help with are:
    • Communication issues
    • Sexual and intimacy concerns
    • Parenting
    • Conflict and arguments
    • Trauma, grief and loss
    • Relationship changes and growth
    • Separation & divorce. This can be extra support for people going through family dispute resolution.

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    Relationships Australia – Counselling and Support Disability Royal Commission

    We provide free counselling and support for anyone who has been affected by the Royal Commission.

    Our counsellors can help talk about your feelings and emotions in a safe space. They can help work out a problem or issue you have in your life. They can also help you to make choices about telling your story to the Disability Royal Commission.

    This service is for anyone who has been affected by the Disability Royal Commission.

    This includes:

    • people living with a disability,
    • families and carers or people living with a disability,
    • people working in disability services.

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    Relationships Australia – Group Courses

    We offer a range of information and therapeutic courses in small groups for individuals, couples and children. Learn about a variety of topics in a group environment including personal development, parenting, relationships, communication skills.

    Our experienced facilitators create a safe space where they share knowledge and strategies. Courses are interactive, so you’ll have the opportunity to hear from others and ask your own questions.

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    To support those impacted by suicide in our community by instilling hope, promote healing & engendering compassion.
    We advocate for better access to services for those who are struggling from suicide loss, mental distress and provide referral pathways.

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    TeamHEALTH provide services and support to Territorians who have a mental health concern or are vulnerable and disadvantaged. This could include  supporting people when they come out of hospital, or when they become unwell, to regain confidence and connections. Perhaps it’s gaining safe and secure housing, getting a job or gaining new skills. It’s about supporting them to undertake daily tasks that are often taken for granted. It’s listening to and understanding what an individual wants and utilising the strengths and resources they have or that are available to them – so they can create their best life.

    • Types of support available:
    • Individual support for adults 
    • Centre Based Support for adults 
    • Support for Older Adults 
    • Support Coordination for individuals with an NDIS package
    • Child, Youth and Family Support
    • Housing Support
    • Residential Support
    • Education and Training

    As an independent, membership-driven, not-for-profit association, we work with our members to support and strengthen AOD service delivery for people who experience harmful substance use in the NT.

    Our mission is to build and maintain a strong, sustainable and culturally diverse Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector that works together to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm across the Northern Territory.

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    TeamHEALTH Child and Family Wellbeing Service

    Our Child and Family Wellbeing team work with children aged 0 to 18 years old, who are showing early signs of, or are at risk of developing a mental illness. We provide practical outreach supports that are flexible and personalised to the needs of the young person and their family. We work collaboratively with families, care givers, schools and other supports to assist with mental health concerns.

    • Short term for up to 6 weeks, with information and referrals to other services as required
    • Long term, more intensive supports are tailored to each family’s needs
    • Case management and support for young people and their families
    • Creating a family action plan to achieve identified goals
    • Education and workshops for children, young people and their families about mental health, wellbeing and strengthening community connections
    • Participate alongside other families in a range of events
    • Community engagement including educational, school-based workshops and community group sessions

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    TEMHCO (Top End Mental Health Consumer Organisation Inc)

    By consumers for consumers – peer support for better mental wellbeing.

    TEMHCO has a drop in centre style of service delivery which provides peer led support, friendship and understanding for anyone experiencing poor mental health, severe and enduring mental illness or a temporary period of reduced mental wellbeing related to life events.

    TEMHCO staff all have personal mental health lived experience and use this in their service delivery as they  promote good mental health & wellbeing to members and in the community, they encourage and walk alongside members as they develop or regain life skills and actively promote awareness in the greater to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

    TEMHCO operate a drop-in centre 4 days per week and one day by appointment to assist those with more in depth needs and targeted support to students on work placement.  Our activities and therapies are recovery focused, intended to boost confidence, improve skills and provide opportunities to access community activities in the support of friends.

    TEMHCO share their collective lived experience knowledge with their peers, education to members, the public and professionals, providing accurate information, and offer guidance and assistance while engaging other services and advocacy.


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