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    Danila Dilba Alcohol and Other Drugs Support Service

    The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) service provides support to clients and their families, who are impacted by alcohol or drugs. We support clients and their families to seek change or help the client access AOD treatment or rehabilitation.

    The AOD team delivers services to Indigenous people that is accessible, confidential and meets the client’s cultural needs. The AOD team work from your local clinic, and in partnership with external organisations.  The team delivers a range of initiatives including education, counselling, referrals to other services, advocacy and health promotion at events across Darwin and Palmerston.

    We offer outreach services to people living rough in the Darwin suburbs, and share information about Danila Dilba Health Service, what services are available and how to access these services.

    Speak to your local Danila Dilba clinic staff about how to get access to this service.

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    Drug & Alcohol Services Association (DASA)

    Aranda House Therapeutic Community

    Provides accommodation in a residential therapeutic community facility that provides a twelve-week program for people with alcohol problems and an eight-week program for people with volatile substance misuse.

    After-care is also available.

    Community Education

    Community education programs are available.

    Counselling Services

    Provides counselling in the form of a personal lifestyle improvement program for people with drug or alcohol problems.

    Drink-Driver Training Program

    Drink-driver training courses are available for people who have been apprehended by the police and have lost their licence owing to drink-driving.

    Independent Living

    Allows clients to continue their recovery from alcohol or other drug use while living with their families in self-contained accommodation (apartments) for up to two years. Clients are supported by a caseworker.

    Information & Referral

    Information, intervention and referral are available for people with alcohol or other drug problems.

    Interpreting staff from indigenous cultures are available.


    A mobile team of four workers operate an outreach service for people who have alcohol or other drug problems and are in need.

    Residential Detoxification Treatment

    Short-term accommodation at Aranda House with non-medical detoxification treatment and counselling is available for people with alcohol or other drug problems. The initial detoxification and withdrawal service can be co-managed with another health service should a medical detoxification be necessary.

    Interpreting staff from indigenous cultures are available.

    Sobering-Up Shelter

    Provides accommodation for people who need to sober up following drug or alcohol abuse and have come to the attention of the Police.

    Transitional After Care

    Accommodation is provided in a semi-independent-living program for up to 12 months for people with alcohol or other drug problems. The program is based on a therapeutic community model where clients are actively involved in their own personal recovery in a safe & caring setting.


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    FORWAARD Foundation of Rehabilitation with Aboriginal Alcohol Related Difficulties

    FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation is a quality certified, not for profit, Aboriginal controlled organisation which was established in 1967.  Through our treatment programs, FORWAARD enables people to integrate back into society reconnecting with their families and community. We provide a secure place for individuals to stay while they are recovering, in an environment that is culturally appropriate and supportive of efforts at rehabilitation. While we predominantly support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we will, and always have assisted any person who is genuinely seeking and needing our services.

    We provide client centred, holistic programs, focusing on all aspects of an individuals social and emotional wellbeing. As part of our program, we explore the positive impact that harm minimisation has on a person, their family and community. We will provide a variety of life skills, financial and work placement training, all the while supporting clients and providing them with the tools needed to overcome their alcohol or drug misuse.


    Individual and group counselling are available as part of a twelve week residential rehabilitation program for indigenous and nonindigenous people with alcohol problems.

    Drug & Alcohol Education Awareness Program for Schools & Youth Groups

    Provides education and awareness at schools for children and young people in Years 5 to 12 about alcohol or other drugs. Youth groups are also available across the Top End.

    Education & General Information

    Education and general information are provided for indigenous and non-indigenous people with alcohol problems.

    Residential Rehabilitation Program

    A twelve-week residential treatment program for indigenous and non-indigenous adults and young people over 18 years old. The program provides an opportunity to identify and address the main problems and concerns relating to their substance misuse.


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    Adolescent Program

    A program for adolescents wanting to look at issues relating to their misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs.

    Alcohol or Other Drug Support Program

    Provides support and assistance primarily for families and individuals affected by alcohol or other drugs, but is also suitable for people experiencing stress related to any life situation such as divorce or separation.

    Children & Adolescent Support Program

    A support program for children and adolescents 5 to 18 years old living in families where there is alcohol and/or other drug misuse.

    Age-appropriate groups are provided.

    Drum Beat

    An innovative program for young people & adults and male & female prisoners that teaches about relationships, team building and communication through drumming.

    Managing Your Life Program

    Offers separate groups for adult males and females wanting to make changes in their lives relating to their misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs. The Program is also suitable for people experiencing stress related to any life situation such as divorce or separation.

    School-Based Program

    A program providing up-to-date information for secondary school students about the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Programs are individually tailored for schools.

    Skills for Life

    A program for people who have been affected by the drinking problem of a relative or friend.


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    Katherine Women’s Information & Legal Service (KWILS)

    Katherine Women’s Information & Legal Service (KWILS) is a not-for-profit Community Legal Centre based in Katherine, Northern Territory. We are a specialist women’s legal service providing all women, and those who identify as women, in Katherine and the Big Rivers Region access to free and professional legal and support services, with a particular focus on the reduction of domestic, family and sexual violence. We also provide community legal education and undertake advocacy and law reform work in areas that improve gender equity and address gendered violence.

    KWILS aims to ensure that all women in the Katherine region have access to free legal advice and representation in the following areas:

    • Domestic, Family and Personal Violence
    • Child protection
    • Family Law
    • Discrimination (age, sex, race, gender etc)
    • Employment (including sexual harassment)
    • Government complaints (including the conduct of Police, Corrections & Education)
    • Health Care Complaints Commission (including the conduct of Health Care, Aged Care and Disability Care Providers)
    • Coronial Inquests
    • Tenancy Law (public and private tenancies)
    • Social Security/Centrelink
    • Consumer law (Credit & Debts)
    • Victims of Crime and Motor Accidents Compensation

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    Mental Illness Fellowship Australia (NT) – (MIFANT)

    Mental Illness fellowship of Australia (NT) (MIFANT) is a not for profit charitable organisation that has been operating in the NT for over 30 years. With services in Darwin, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. MIFANT provides recovery based support to people with a mental illness, their families and carers and also early intervention to children and young people at risk of developing a mental illness.

    MIFANT also provides a range of NDIS services for people with a mental illness including Recovery Coach, Support Coordination, Social and Community Participation and Community Access. As a not for profit organisation, all NDIS funds go back to providing quality supports.

    MIFANT is the NT members for National organisations Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia and Mental Health Carers Australia. Both organisations provide a national advocacy platform for the NT to be represented on issues affecting the whole of the mental health sector.


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    Mission Australia – Sobering-Up Shelter

    The Darwin Sobering Up Shelter provides overnight accommodation to homeless and displaced people (18 and over) who are under the influence of alcohol and other drugs and are at risk of harm. NT Police and Larrakia Night Patrol bring people to the Sobering Up Shelter from the greater Darwin and Palmerston areas. Shelter staff then assist clients with referrals to services that can help them to improve their health and wellbeing. Engagement is sensitive and culturally respectful to ensure clients feel safe at all times.

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    YWCA Australia – Women of Worth Program

    After being involved in the justice system, women may need support to positively integrate and re-engage with the community. The Women of Worth program works with these women, helping to make any lifestyle changes and reduce the risk of re-offending.

    The program works alongside these women, and provides:

    • Pre and post-release support
    • Support to develop employable skills
    • Social and emotional wellbeing programs
    • Monthly outreach groups
    • Support reconnecting with children and families
    • Crisis accommodation
    • Advocacy
    • Domestic violence support
    • Education and employment pathways


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