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Is there a cost associated with the listing?

No. This platform is completely free to the community – for both individuals searching for services, and organisations listing their services.

How did my organisation get on this platform? Who supplied the information?

Either someone in your organisation has added your organisation to NTcommunity OR your listing has been added by NTCOSS from their original hard-copy directory which they have been collating over the years.

Why is there more than one listing of my organisation?

There should be at least three listings attached to your organisation, each with a different coloured banner based on the type of listing they are:

  • 1 Organisation listing – blue
  • 1 (or more) Service Listings – red
  • 1 (or more) Location listings – yellow

So don’t worry if there’s more than one listing coming up for your organisation – that’s how it should be.

Why would I have more than one Service or Location listing?

The directory works so that each service you provide and each location of your organisation has its own listing. This way users can click into that specific service or location and get all the relevant information they need, such as specific contact details and opening hours, site accessibility, required referral documents, etc (which may be different to other services or locations in your organisation). We understand this may initially create some extra work for you, but doing this will hugely help in the long run and assist community members using the directory to find the right support for their specific needs.

What’s the difference between my Organisation listing and my Services listing?

Your organisation explains what you are, who you support and why.

Your services are specific programs, activities or tasks that your organsation provides to its clients and/or community, e.g. transportation service, accommodation support, mental health workshops, etc. They are the ways you support people, detailing what and how you provide that support.

What should I enter in my Organisation listing’s Description as opposed to my Service listing’s Descriptions?

Organisation Description:

This is where you enter information about your organisation. It acts similar to the About Page on your website, explaining what your organisation is about. It could include your Mission statement, Vision and Values. It does NOT need to include all your services. These will be added as separate Service listings later on. Here’s an example of an Organisation Description:

NTExample is a not-for-profit organisation supporting young people’s mental health through physical and creative activities. We aim to use sport and art as vehicles for empowerment, connection, sharing and learning.

Services Description:

This is where you provide information about your Service. You do not have to repeat information about your organisation that you entered in the Description of your Organisation listing*. Instead, this is where you explain what your service offers. It could be the description you have on your website under one of your services or programs. Here’s an example:

NTExample’s On-Country Art Therapy Program offers creative activities to young people in remote communities, sharing ideas, exploring their emotions and sharing stories and feelings in a respectful and safe environment. We bring our team and all resources to the communities, making sure everyone has access to materials and the opportunity to engage. Activities include painting, sculpture, poetry, music and more, depending on the wants and needs of each community.

*You SHOULD, however, enter in all contact information for that service when you’re creating a Service listing, even if they are the same as your Organisation listing.

The contact info for your org will not automatically transfer from your Organisation listing to your Services listing. This is because many orgs have specific contact details for services (different to their general contacts, like their admin email as opposed to their project officer’s email). Making sure you add in the contact details in your Services and Locations listing means those details will show up on those pages, making it easier for users to contact you (if you leave them out they won’t show up on the Service listing, which makes it confusing for users!).

I’m an organisation that needs to hide our address. Can I do that?

Yes you can! When creating or editing an Organisation or Location listing, just above the Street Address field is a “Conceal Address?” field with three options.

  1. Yes – Show only the city. This option will just show your city on the listing, not your exact address. Postal Address will be shown only if you uncheck “Postal Address is the same as Street Address”.
  2. Yes – Show nothing. This option will completely hide your Street Address, city included. Postal Address will be shown only if you uncheck “Postal Address is the same as Street Address”.
  3. No. This option will show both your Street Address and Postal Address exactly as you enter them.

Please bear in mind that if you hide your address or suburb completely, you will be harder to find in search results, which will impact your visibility on NTcommunity. We recommend you show the city, so that people can find a service close to them, and reach out to find the address.

Need help with something else? Reach out, we’re happy to help.