About NTcommunity

NTcommunity is a free online directory for community members to access community services in the NT, helping people find the organisations and support they need.

NT Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) has been working with Territory Families, Housing and Communities since late 2017 to develop an online directory for all Territorians. This has been a phased project that included migrating a paper-based NTCOSS Directory, which was produced annually for over 15 years, to online and then designing and developing a stand-alone NT wide services directory.

Launched in March 2021, this new stand-alone directory, NTcommunity, is freely available to all Territorians. Its development has been guided by extensive consultation. NTCOSS established a Steering Committee including representatives from territory government, local government and community organisations, to find a model that best suited community members to find the organisations and services they need.

The new online service directory, NTcommunity, offers a one-stop-shop for support services throughout the NT. It includes support services from government, non-government organisations, private sector and the community.

As more agencies, organisations and community groups add their listing and check that their service information is correct and current, NTcommunity will only grow bigger and better. NTcommunity is available as an online website or as an app that can be used offline, providing access to the service directory without an internet connection.

For Organisations: Frequently Asked Questions