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    Healthy Living NT

    Healthy Living NT (HLNT) is the trading name of the Diabetes Association of the NT Inc. which was established in 1980. The Association is a charitable, member based, organisation for people with diabetes and related conditions. As a consumer based organisation the Association is managed by a voluntary board, committed to the well-being of all people with diabetes and related conditions.

    Healthy Living NT is a member of the Good Health Alliance NT (GHANT), a coalition of NT chronic disease non government organisations and collaborates with diabetes consumer organisations in Australia.

    Members of Healthy Living NT receive substantial discounts and benefits on a range of products and services, quarterly copies of the local magazine Territory Way and the national magazine Issues and a range of value added benefits.

    Healthy Living NT is also the Northern Territory agent for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), which is a Commonwealth initiative. Additionally Healthy Living NT receives funding to deliver a range of services from:

    • NT Department of Health
    • Sport and Recreation, Department of Tourism and Culture
    • NT Primary Health Network
    • Commonwealth Department of Health

    Diabetes & Cardiac Education

    Provides education for people with diabetes and cardiacconditions as well as providing cardiac rehabilitation services.

    Health Promotion

    Conducts community information sessions and healthpromotion activities.

    National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)

    Healthy Living NT administers the NDSS in Alice Springs.NDSS is an initiative of the Australian Government and isadministered by Diabetes Australia. People with diabetes who have been registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme are eligible to purchase essential diabetes health supplies at low cost.

    Retail of Diabetes Products

    Healthy Living NT provides a range of diabetes related items for sale, including blood-glucose meters, sharps containers, circulation socks and recipe books. Free Medicalert brochures are also available. A mail-order service is available.

    Support Groups

    Self-help and health support groups are available for people with diabetes as well as information sessions for people newly diagnosed with diabetes.


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    Helping Minds

    Our job is to support anyone that is experiencing mental health distress.  This includes both the person that is experiencing mental health issues as well as their family and friends who are providing support both emotionally or practically.

    We understand that talking to someone can be very difficult, but we are here to listen and to provide you with emotional and practical supports that will help find the best solution for all of you.


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    Adolescent Program

    A program for adolescents wanting to look at issues relating to their misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs.

    Alcohol or Other Drug Support Program

    Provides support and assistance primarily for families andindividuals affected by alcohol or other drugs, but is alsosuitable for people experiencing stress related to any lifesituation such as divorce or separation.

    Children & Adolescent Support Program

    A support program for children and adolescents 5 to 18 years old living in families where there is alcohol and/or other drug misuse.

    Age-appropriate groups are provided.

    rum Beat

    An innovative program for young people & adults and male & female prisoners that teaches about relationships, team building and communication through drumming.

    Managing Your Life Program

    Offers separate groups for adult males and females wanting to make changes in their lives relating to their misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs. The Program is also suitable for people experiencing stress related to any life situation such as divorce or separation.

    School-Based Program

    A program providing up-to-date information for secondary school students about the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Programs are individually tailored for schools.

    Skills for Life

    A program for people who have been affected by the drinking problem of a relative or friend.


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    Hope Ability

    HOPE ABILITY is in operation in Darwin urban and remote communities of the Northern Territory. We are registered for the range of CORE line items, e.g., Daily Support, Household Tasks, Community Access, Transport, Supported Independent Living and Respite assistance. We do have the capacity to support the NDIS participants who are Self, and Plan managed and looking for the best support options.

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    Hope Ability

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    HPA – Helping People Achieve

    HPA Helping People Achieve provides employment & support services to Territorians with physical & intellectual disabilities  in the Darwin & Palmerston areas. Through employment & support, people with disabilities can develop confidence, independence & life skills to lead a fulfilled everyday life in a world where there are no barriers.

    DAS Support Services

    DAS provides a range of accommodation support options including:

    • 24-hour Supported accommodation in Darwin
    • Independent living training unit
    • Independent units in the Darwin and Palmerston area
    • Outreach services tailored to individual support needs.


    Is an industrial sewing business specialising in the manufacture of indigenous print conference bags, promotional bags and a wide range of gift and souvenir products. Ausdesigns provides high-quality screen printing, digital printing and embroidery services. They also supply promotional products, hats, school wear, sportswear, work wear (including HiVis) and corporate wear. Assembly, collating work and confidential document shredding is also undertaken at this factory. Ausdesigns also sell Industrial Rags.

    Kokoda Industries

    A medium sized workshop manufacturing a range of timber, steel and aluminium products including Parkland furniture, grandstand seating, pallets, lattice, survey pegs, sprinkler stands, army targets and other products as commissioned.


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    Ignite Potential

    Ignite Potential is a territory based not-for-profit organisation committed to serve the community in the best way possible by embracing its development and competency in the aspects of empowerment, employment, and multicultural confederation.
    Established in 2018, it serves its purpose by providing professional assistance to all migrants of the Top End in the areas of employment skills, mental health, emotional and social well being, digital skills, and social enterprise opportunities which helps integrate their personal and professional life into Australian socioeconomic environment.
    Ignite Potential aims to build a stronger community with empowerment, employment and enrichment by propagating/promoting Australian multi-cultural values/society.

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    Ingkerreke Outstations Resource Services

    Provides municipal, essential and housing services for fifty outstations north, south, east and west of Alice Springs as well as various town camps in Alice Springs.

    Services include housing management & maintenance, infrastructure and community development.


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    Ingkintja Male Health Men’s Shed

    Provides support, friendship and social opportunities for men of all ages.

    Men’s Shed provides tools and equipment that the men can use for hobby activities such as woodwork, leatherwork, car maintenance and painting. A weights room and gym are also available.


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    Integrated disAbility Action (IdA) Inc.

    IdA is a not-for-profit incorporated community organisation offering free, confidential advocacy services to people with disability, their families and carers throughout the NT. IdA takes a holistic approach on all issues and concerns raised and has well established networks with a broad range of community organisations and government agencies, ensuring comprehensive referral pathways when required. IdA promotes access and inclusion and challenges stereotypes, supporting people with disability to live an independent unsegregated life.

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    Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation

    Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander specific Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) support service in the Darwin and Palmerston areas (including the Town Camps). We have two sites – Casuarina and Palmerston and we provide outreach servicing to clients. Ironbark facilitate support to clients/families who are experiencing DFV or who have in the past. We provide:  Intensive Case Management and collaboration with other support services, establish supported referral pathways relevant to the client’s needs, advocacy, we provide a culturally appropriate trauma-informed service. We endeavour to foster a collaborative model of co-case management and wrap-around-servicing to clients wherever possible and we have an extensive network of service providers we work closely with to assist clients.  Our overall goal is to empower our clients and improve their safety and wellbeing.


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    ITEC is a NDIS registered disability support organisation. ITEC assists with Supported Independent Living, Community Access, Short and Medium Term Accommodation, coordination of Support, and Plan Management across all parts of the NT.

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    ITEC Group

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    Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation

    Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation strives to improve the cultural, social and economic well-being of the Jawoyn people, while always caring for country. 

    We represent and support the Jawoyn people and country through our human services, land management, cultural and business enterprises.

    Emergency Relief

    Emergency relief is available in the form of food vouchers for indigenous singles and families in financial distress.

    Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation

    Provides human services, cultural & land management programs and business enterprises for the Jawoyn people and indigenous people living on Jawoyn land. Land and parks management programs involve traditional burningtechniques and feral animal control. The Corporation also operates as a regional development agency with a strong focus on economic development, enterprise development and the creation of employment opportunities. Business enterprises include Jawoyn Aviation and Nitmiluk Tours. Identification & preservation of cultural sites is also undertaken. The Corporation organises the Barunga Festival and operates the Manyallaluk Art & Craft Centre and the Ghumarn Culture Centre.

    Women’s Leadership Program

    An annual forum for indigenous women from the Katherine region to recognise and develop leadership opportunities.

    The Program also provides a forum under the auspices of the Banatjarl Strongbala Women Grup in which Jawoyn elders and elected representatives meet in alternate months, in their communities, to promote women’s leadership.


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    Jesuit Social Services

    We are a social change organisation working to build a just society where all people can live to their full potential.

    We partner with community to support those most in need.

    We work to change policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion.

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    Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation

    Aged Care Services

    Provides aged care services. The service particularly assists Aboriginal elders.

    Child Care

    Child care is provided to assist families of infants and preschool children.

    Community Aged Care Packages (CACP)

    A support service for frail Aboriginal elders who require a range of care services in their own housing. Care provision is developed and monitored through case management to ensure support for those at risk of admission to residential care.

    Community Development Employment Program(CDEP)

    The program provides unemployed indigenous adults and young people 15 years old or over with employment placement and skills acquisition including accredited training and links to apprenticeships and traineeships. Employment projects and activities are chosen by local indigenous communities or distinct groups of indigenous people within a community. The training wage received by participants is equivalent to the appropriate unemployment benefit.

    Construction Workshop

    A housing maintenance workshop that also provides training for local indigenous people who wish to become employed as labourers.

    Disability Services

    Provides support and assistance for Aboriginal people with disabilities.

    Home Makers’ Centre

    The Home Makers’ Centre is provided for local Aboriginal families and individuals.

    Julalikari Remote Employment Service (JRES)

    The program provides referral to skills training for indigenous adults and young people 15 years old or over who are living in remote indigenous communities and seeking work or require additional skills to carry out their jobs.

    Land Management Unit

    The unit propagates plants in the Kargaru nursery for supply to people in remote indigenous communities and for sale to residents of Tennant Creek.

    The Land Management Unit also provides training for CDEP participants as well as weed-control services for remote indigenous communities and outstations.

    Mapu Alliance

    Earth-moving machinery is available for hire.

    Night Patrol

    Night Patrol, together with local police, provide a culturally aware program that works to prevent incidents of violence in the town.

    Support Services (HACC)

    Support services available for Aboriginal people who are frail aged, ill or have disabilities include a home & community care (HACC) program, a home-maker’s program, respite care and supported accommodation.

    Training & Employment Services

    The program provides skills training for indigenous adults and young people 15 years old or over who are seeking work or require further skills to carry out their role.

    Youth Development Program

    A drop-in centre providing sporting, recreational & educational activities for young people in the local community. Educational workshops include topics such as alcohol & drugs, health and families. The program also runs a residential program for children and young people 10 to 18 years old where they attend school then stay in safe-house accommodation overnight.

    A diversion program is also available where young offenders perform their community service with the centre.


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