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Galiwinku Women Space

Galiwinku Women Space (GWS) is a Yolngu Organization. Since 2015, we have been led by a dedicated group of Yolngu Women. Our Vision is for a stronger and safer community free from domestic and family violence.

Our Vision
To stop the cycle of violence and create real change in our community so we achieve our aspiration to be a stronger and safer community.

Our Mission
We believe that strong culture means strong families and safe community, free of domestic and family violence.
Working together with both Yolŋu and Balanda (non-Yolŋu) we will support women, children and families (including men) in Galiwin’ku to overcome domestic and family violence by providing a range of crisis and preventative support resources and services.
We seek to achieve this by empowering women in the community to come together to support and encourage the healing and wellbeing of each other and that of our community.
We are committed to stopping the cycle of violence and will tirelessly pursue innovative ideas that will help build a stronger and safer community.

Our Values
Our values are our foundations that define who we are; how we will engage with the community and guide how the Galiwin’ku Women’s Space will operate.
Community – Our inherited values
We exist as an organisation only because of the values we inherited from our community that respects, celebrates and communicates Yolŋu culture through ceremony, seeks equality in personal safety for everyone, recognises that we all have a role to play in building the community we want while acknowledging that both Yolŋu Law and Balanda Law has a place and must be upheld.
Organisation – Our operational values
In delivering our services to the community we will be respectful of the community values and the good work being done by others. We will demonstrate an unwavering commitment to achieve our vision in all that we do while ensuring that confidentiality is respected and the trust we have from the community is nurtured.
Members – Our personal shared values
The organisation is guided in all that it does by decisions made by its members. Although diverse in skills, backgrounds, knowledge and experiences, we share a common set of personal values that underpin the foundation of the organisation. We conduct ourselves with honesty, taking responsibility and accountability for everything we do and say while also demonstrating respect by committing to foster and support each other regardless of differences. We have the courage to speak up, to take action and seek out the truth about how things really are while having the humility to reach out for assistance and advice when we need to in order to make good decisions. We show our compassion and love toward others with our genuine desire to want to help make a difference by sharing our wisdom and knowledge and engaging in support at a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level

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