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    Topend Care Services (TECS)

    Top End Care Services(TECS) has been formed with a core mission to provide specialized services to all our clients. We have developed an outstanding service reputation and we guarantee our world-class services at the most competitive price in the market.

    TECS is a leading services provider specialized in providing Respite care & Home Care Services. TECS has made its place as a reliable services provider among the top-notch providers in Australia.

    Our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, and innovation differentiate us from our competitors. The difference with TECS is our dedication to client satisfaction and to our community.


    102 Assist Access Maintain Employment
    103 Assist Prod – Pers Care Safety
    104 High intensity daily personal activities
    107 Assist Personal Activities
    108 Assist Travel/Transport
    112 Assistive Equipment Recreation
    114 Community Nursing Care
    115 Daily Tasks/Shared Living
    116 Innovative Community Participation
    117 Development Life Skills
    120 Household Tasks
    123 Assistive Prod – Household Task
    125 Participate Community

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    Total Recreation NT

    Provides sport and recreational opportunities for adults, young people and children over 9 years old with intellectual, psychiatric or physical disabilities or acquired brain injury. Services include adult group programs, youth programs and individual programs that assist with gaining access to chosen sports.

    Programs focus on developing independence.


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    Uniting Church in Australia-Northern Synod

    Community Services Statement

    The Northern Synod endorses the Uniting Church in Australia’s commitment to the people of Australia by supporting individuals, families and communities through effective social policy, advocacy and community service provision.

    The Northern Synod commits itself to strongly supporting and working with Somerville Community Services Inc, Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc., Congregations and Frontier Services. Synod believes it is important to continually explore other areas of community need.

    Social Justice Statement

    The Northern Synod supports the Uniting Church in Australia stance on social justice issues. We believe God brings justice to the oppressed and calls on people of faith to care for the strangers and aliens in their midst as they care for each other.

    Jesus calls us to be a neighbour to those who are victims of violence, persecution, and poverty. Caring for our neighbour in need is a response to the grace of God.

    Jesus reminds us that our love for him is to be expressed in our actions toward each other.

    The Gospel calls us to help those who are in need including outcasts and strangers, those who are sick or homeless, and those who are in prison. Our righteousness before God is determined by how we treat these vulnerable people.

    Guiding Values

    We are committed to justice and have a vision of a world where people live together with care and respect.

    We believe that Christians are called to bring to life God’s vision for the world, a call we can fulfill in part through social justice advocacy and providing community services to those in need.

    We will fulfill the promises made to the nation by the inaugural Assembly.

    Guiding Principles

    We will work to uphold human rights, and the safety and well-being of all people.

    We will treat all people with respect and dignity.

    We will not discriminate against people and we will be culturally sensitive in our language and through our actions.

    We will hope and work for a nation whose goals are guided by concern for the well-being of people everywhere.

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    Variety the Children’s Charity

    Variety – the Children’s Charity supports kids and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with Special Needs.

    Our work allows kids to gain mobility, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase their self-esteem. We make sure the kids who miss out, can always join in.

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    Variety NT

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    Venture Housing Company Ltd

    Venture Housing Company Ltd (‘Venture’), a company limited by guarantee is a ‘For Purpose’ (not-for-profit), housing provider of safe and affordable housing options for Territorians.

    Venture focuses on providing rental housing for low to moderate income earners in the Territory who are struggling to find a home. There is a strong emphasis on targeting key workers vital to the Territory’s economy, such as those in the retail, hospitality and trade sectors.

    Venture also provides and manages housing for seniors and is working towards innovative solutions to the provision of housing for disadvantaged groups in the community. To achieve this, Venture works with a number of stakeholders including the Northern Territory Government, the private sector and other non-government organisations through partnerships to deliver housing projects


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    Veterans Australia NT (VANT)

    We are a non for profit organisation representing the veteran community of the Northern Territory.

    Opening: 3rd Sunday of every month – Monthly meetings

    Tuesday mornings 10am-12 Trauma Teddy group

    Friday mornings Advocacy services 10am-12pm

    Our core values are to:

    • promote veterans and families health and well-being
    • provide compensation and welfare Advocates who work in the Community of Practise
    • represent Territory veterans at NT Government level
    • support local schools and other community groups

    We conduct regular monthly meetings at Reg Hillier House where issues important to Veterans, serving & ex-serving members of the ADF and their families are discussed.

    We also have BBQ get-togethers to invite friends and family to have an afternoon out and a bit of a yarn with fellow vets.

    We welcome veteran visitors from interstate to all of our meetings and events.


    Initially VVAA  (Vietnam Veterans) NT Rural Sub Branch, incorporated in 2001, our priority was to provide support and assistance to the Vietnam veteran community.

    Over the course of time we recognised the need to assist younger veterans and their families and changed the VVAA NT Sub Branch constitution to allow membership to all veterans.

    As a reflection of this, members felt that a name change would reflect the nature of our membership, so in late 2017 we became Veterans Australia NT. The history of beginning as a Vietnam veterans group will always be valued and remembered.


    VANT provides an advocacy services including welfare and compensation assistance.


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    Victims of Crime NT

    We provide information, crisis counselling and referrals for other support services to any victim of crime, past or present.  We can also assist in the preparation of documentation such as Victim Impact Statements and applications for financial assistance where victims are eligible. When necessary we will also advocate on behalf of a victim of crime to other agencies such as police, government and non-government agencies. VoCNT are also able to offer support to victims of crime participating in Youth Justice Conferencing and Youth Diversion Programs.

    Free call – 1800 672 242

    This line is to be contacted in the event of a break-in in order for contractors to be contacted to re-secure or clean up a property. The phone line is a free call number Territory wide and available during business hours.  For after hours, please contact us via out website.

    Court Services

    For those victims feeling traumatised or overwhelmed by the court process we can provide a support person to accompany them to court.

    Safe at Home Program

    This program is targeted towards Territorians who are most at risk of unlawful entry or domestic violence and/or personal crime in local and remote communities by assisting to improve the security of their homes or housing.

    Re-Store, Recover, Protect Program

    This Program is designed to assist victims of crime financially to re-secure their property following an unlawful entry.  Please contact us regarding eligibility for this program.

    Public Education

    We can provide public education on issues related to victims of crime including presentations, workshops, seminars and media interviews.  

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    Volunteering NT

    Volunteering NT, a division of Volunteering SA&NT, is a not-for-profit organisation, the peak body for volunteering and a volunteer support service.

    We have led the volunteering sector in the Northern Territory since 2007.

    We work with, and support almost seventy thousand volunteers, and all volunteer involving organisations, creating positive volunteering experiences and strengthening communities.

    We believe volunteering makes the world a better place.

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    Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation

    Waltja is an advocate for community-based services, and a go-between or mediating organisation linking Aboriginal people in remote communities to service providers and funding bodies. Waltja is also a service provider, providing training, health, nutrition, disability and advocacy, mental health support and youth services under Commonwealth, NT-funded and philanthropic programs.


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    Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation

    Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC) has dedicated itself to developing the strength, health, confidence and leadership of Warlpiri youth since 1993. The program aims to promote positive and meaningful future pathways for all young Warlpiri people.

    Jaru Pirjirdi (Strong Voices) Youth Developmental Project

    A youth development and leadership program as well as an after-care project to assist at risk indigenous young people living in Yuendumu to build positive futures beyond substance abuse.

    Mount Theo Respite Outstation

    Provides a traditional program to assist people with anyproblems including substance abuse, petrol sniffing, suicidal thoughts or those who are victims of domestic violence. The program particularly assists Walpiri indigenous children, young people and adults.

    Outreach Program

    Provides diversionary and youth development activities for the Warlpiri communities of Willowra, Nyirrpi and Lajamanu. The Program includes WETT Youth & Media Project. The model focuses initially on diversionary activities for indigenous young people.

    Project-based media workshops focus on developing interesting youth & media opportunities for young people as a diversion from at-risk behaviours.

    Higher-end media training and activities focus on employment options and media products for use in indigenous communities and the wider community.

    The Program includes Willowra Youth Development Program, Lajamanu Youth Development Program and Nyirrpi Youth Development Program.

    Vacation Care

    Various holiday programs assist parents by providing recreational activities for primary-school children.

    The service particularly assists indigenous families.Warra Warra Kanyi Youth Counselling & MentoringService A community-based youth counselling and mentoring service operating from the remote Warlpiri community of Yuendumu.

    Yuendumu Youth Program

    Offers a range of youth activities to promote health and wellbeing for children and young people in Yuendumu.


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    Will Care Home Support

    Clinical and personal care provided by experienced and caring Support Workers and Registered Nurses for NDIS participants Bringing quality care to those in need from Darwin to Katherine (including the shires of Belyeun and Wagait)

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    Wisemind Psychology

    Wisemind Psychology is collaborative, client-focused, and sensitive to the varied needs of individuals. Our team provides comprehensive on-going care with a commitment to efficiency, integrity, and confidentiality.

    We adopt a personality-guided approach to psychological services which incorporates the influence of individual differences in assessment and treatment.

    Our psychology programs specialise in assisting clients improve the overall quality of their thinking, emotions, behaviour and functioning. All Wisemind psychologists are nationally registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia and are committed to their professional field, offering only high quality, ethical and evidence-based therapeutic treatments. ​

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    Witness Assistance Service

    The Witness Assistance Service is a unit within the Director of Public Prosecutions and its primary role is to provide support to victims of crime and witnesses who need to appear in Court to give evidence.

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    Witness Assistance

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    Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia

    Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia (WoSSCA) is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that operates on a feminist framework and is committed to assisting and enabling women and children experiencing domestic, family and sexual violence.


    ​If you are at risk or injured right now, please call 000 immediately.

    If you are unsafe and need shelter and protection, please call us on08 89526075, or come to us at the shelter and we can help you.

    Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia (previously Alice Springs Women’s Shelter) is a safe place for you and your children.

    If you feel unsafe or at risk, you can come to us. If you are unsure, you can come and talk to us.

    There are staff available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can sit with you if you need to talk, about your safety and options if you need immediate shelter and protection.

    Domestic violence can be in the form of physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, social, spiritual or financial abuse. Nobody has the right to be violent towards you. Not husbands, partners, ex-husbands or ex-partners, friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends or strangers. Nobody.

    There are ways we can help now and in the future. We provide support services for all women in Central Australia, who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence.

    ​We help women in Alice Springs, as well as across borders. Our services reach women in communities across the tri-state region of Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

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    Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service

    Wurli provides a range of community services to Aboriginal people living in Katherine and 40 km radius. Clients can ‘walk in’ at any time during operating hours, but if clients prefer, the clinic also operates an appointment system for current clients. Access to all clinical services is improved by our transport service, which can collect clients from anywhere within 40 kilometres of Katherine. Wurli will send out reminder letters and messages to you and family when due for an appointment or other type of follow up care.


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    Hilary Sinfield

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