Prevention Services

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    Central Australian Women’s Legal Service

    Central Australian Women’s Legal Service (CAWLS) delivers a holistic, culturally safe, trauma informed legal service for women. Our team can help with information about legal issues, legal advice and representation, referral to support services, community legal education and law reform advocacy.

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    Dawn House

    Accommodation Shelter

    Crisis accommodation is available for women with children experiencing or escaping domestic or family violence. Referral to specialist domestic violence counselling is offered. Twenty-four-hour telephone contact is available.

    Domestic Violence Community Education Service

    Provides training & resource support relating to domestic or family violence for government & non-government agencies. Dawn House participates in community development activities that work to reduce the incidence of domestic and family violence.

    Domestic Violence Support

    Provides outreach, assistance, information, advocacy, training, counselling, referral and support for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. A children’s support worker is available.

    Twenty-four-hour telephone contact is available.


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    Sujay Kentlyn

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    Our current service specializes on outreach and well-being support to women experiencing domestic and family violence. While working through a gurruttu approach.



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    North Australian Aboriginal Family Legal Service

    Provides legal assistance including advice and casework for indigenous women, children and young people affected by family or domestic violence. North Australian Aboriginal Family Legal Service Provides legal assistance, referral and support for indigenous men, women, children and young people affected by family or domestic violence and sexual assault. NAAFVLS also focuses on raising community awareness and implementing prevention initiatives to address the problems of family violence.

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    The Inclusion Centre

    The Inclusion Centre by Hands On People is a welcoming space for all that is created to provide life-skills learning programs, sensory space activities, crafting, development in effective communication and social interaction skill, and much more.

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    WoSSCA – Partner Support for Men’s Behaviour Change Program

    As part of their Marra’ka Mbarintja Family Violence Prevention Program Tangentyere Council runs the Men’s Behavioural Change Program (MBCP). These programs exist to support women and children to be safe. Men who use violence (including being controlling) and abuse in their intimate and family relationships, attend weekly sessions to talk about violence, and how they can make change.

    A condition of the MBCP is that one of our Women’s Safety Support Workers contacts you, if your partner or ex-partner is going to be on the program. This is to make sure you get support and information, while he is going through the program.

    We offer partner support to you because we recognise that domestic, family and sexual violence is more commonly experienced by women, because of male behaviours that are about power and control.

    A lot of men believe women are not equal, that women are less important and that violence towards them is ok.

    We are here to support women and to advocate for men’s behavioural change.

    No women are referred to us through the MBCP from Tangentyere.

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    WoSSCA – Shelter and Crisis Support

    At Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia, we provide support and immediate shelter, for you and your children/grandchildren, with an average stay for most women of a few days, to a few weeks. Our shelter is high security, with 30 beds and we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Along with case management, risk assessment, safety planning and emergency relief, we can also refer you to other services in town (such as our counselling appointments) to get the support you need.

    Our focus is to provide a space for you, where you can feel safe and supported, while you decide what to do next. When you come to us we respect your privacy – what you tell us remains confidential.

    Safety Planning and Risk Assessment

    One of the most important things we will do together is ‘risk assessment’ and ‘safety planning’. Our staff are trained to help you work out what the biggest risks may be for you, and to support you to make a safety plan that focusses on your needs and your situation and that keeps you safe. We will give you information that can help you understand some of the risk factors that can increase your chance of being harmed, and work with you to help reduce those risks.

    As well as understanding the risks, we help you do a safety plan. This might include talking about who the safe people in your life are, arranging a domestic violence order, letting the police know about your situation, or relocating you to a different house, town or community if necessary.

    Supporting Your Children

    Children are often unintentional victims of domestic and family violence. We want them to feel safe and supported too when they come to the shelter with you. We can also refer them on to other services if they need more help.

    All of our staff work to create a positive atmosphere that supports children and focuses on their individual needs. Stability during times of crisis is really important for children, so we try to maintain routines, support you to make sure they can keep going to school and provide a happy and healthy environment for them to learn, play and feel safe. We have facilities set up for children of all ages, including a new playground and activity space. We also have a family room equipped with games, movies, paints, crafts and books.

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    WoSSCA – Urban & Remote Outreach Program

    Our Urban and Remote Outreach Team can help you if you live in Alice Springs or the communities of Yuendumu, Papunya, Ntaria/Hermannsburg & Ti Tree . They can come to you, or you can come and talk to them at the Outreach office.

    The Outreach Program can help you if you are:

    • ​A woman who was staying at the shelter but has gone home and would still like support.
    • A woman who has not been staying at the shelter but would like to talk with someone.
    • A woman who feels unsafe.

    We can have a cup of tea and talk together, or support you through life changes as they are happening. At different times during difficult relationships, the support you need might be different. We will develop a safety plan with you with the goals you would like to achieve to keep yourself safe.

    The Outreach Program was started a long time ago and over the past decade, as more funding became available, it became two teams. The Urban Outreach Team supports you if you live in Alice Springs and the Remote Outreach Team supports you if you live in remote communities in Central Australia and the tri-state area of Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

    Both the Urban and Remote Teams work closely with other services in Alice Springs, to provide a strong support network to women experiencing domestic, family and sexual violence. The Outreach Program believes in early intervention – working with women and their children.

    The Outreach Team has a private office in the centre of Alice Springs where women are welcome to drop in any time between 9am and 4pm weekdays. If you live in Alice Springs, but can’t visit our Outreach office, let us know and someone from the Urban Outreach Team can come to visit you.

    If you are a local service provider or health worker, you can also complete this referral form to make sure women get the support they need.

    The Outreach Program is free for all women and their children, who are experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence. If you need help or support call us on (08) 8953 7648.

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    YWCA Australia – Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes

    The Keeping Women Safe in their Homes program provides risk assessments, safety planning and security upgrades for women and their children to help them stay in their own homes, or a home of their choice, provided it’s safe to do so.

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