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    Alawa Aboriginal Corporation

    Alawa Aboriginal Corporation operates a number of self-funded business operations and grant-funded programs, all aimed at delivering essential services to the residents and businesses of Minyerri. Our focus in all our operations is providing social outcomes to our community in a sustainable way.

    The Alawa Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) was first established in 1999, its primary purpose to establish and operate commercial enterprises on behalf and for the benefit of the Alawa people. To this day, the AAC undertakes many business operations for the purpose of providing social, cultural and economic benefit to the Alawa people and the broader community. AAC has been successful in delivering many services to the community including municipal services, aged care, child care related services, arts centre and many more activities under the Federal Government’s Community Develop Program (CDP).

    After-School Care

    After-school care is available for local indigenous primary school and secondary-school children. Centrelink Provides Centrelink services for the local indigenous community.

    Community Development Employment Program(CDP)

    Provides unemployed indigenous adults and young people 15 years old or over with employment placement and skills acquisition including accredited training and links to apprenticeships and traineeships. Employment projects and activities are chosen by local indigenous communities or distinct groups of indigenous people within a community. The training wage received by participants is equivalent to the appropriate unemployment benefit.


    Provides child care for local indigenous infants and preschool children.

    Delivered Meals (HACC) (Meals on Wheels)

    Three meals a day are delivered at low cost to those who would otherwise be nutritionally at risk, including the frail aged and people with disabilities. The service particularly assists indigenous families.

    Home Care Services (HACC)

    Home Care services are available for frail elderly, incapacitated or ill residents and those with disabilities to help with household duties including cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, wood collection and shopping. The service particularly assists indigenous people.

    School Nutrition Program

    A nutritious breakfast and lunch are provided for local indigenous primary-school and secondary-school children.

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    Alice Springs Youth Accommodation & Support Services (ASYASS)

    ASYASS believes that all people have a right to secure, appropriate and affordable housing. Many young people are often disadvantaged in their access to housing through factors such as inexperience, family crisis and breakdown, financial insecurity and community prejudice.

    Youth Housing

    The Youth Housing Program Provides semi-independent accommodation (up to 12 months) to young people 16-21yo. The ASYASS Housing Program currently manages these properties are located across Alice Springs. The housing program offers young people, who are unable to reside with family, through case management the opportunity to re-engage with education, training or to gain employment, as well as to develop and strengthen life skills (including living skills) required to establish themselves independently. Where appropriate ASYASS also supports and encourages involvement with family.

    Crisis Youth Refuge

    Provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15-17yo, inclusive 24 hrs/7days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night up to 3 months. During their stay at ASYASS Youth Refuge, young people will also be provided supported though case management (where appropriate).

    Young people will also be supported to:

    • identify and work towards their goals;
    • address their health, education and income needs;
    • develop appropriate life skills
    • (re)engage with family (where appropriate); and
    • access long term accommodation where necessary

    The Youth Refuge provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15 – 17 years, inclusive 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night or up to 3 months.

    Ampe Akweke (pronounced – umba kooka) “Little Babies Place”

    Ampe Akweke is a place for single young women / mothers Program 14-23 years of age. Ampe akweke offers both outreach support and residential support, if the single young women / mothers have no where suitable and safe to stay. Young women can stay in the safe house for up to 3 months. Ampe akweke works with the young women to ensure they have theirs, their unborn child or their babies health needs met. Ampe akweke family support workers provide parenting education and support as well as case management to all young women accessing the program.

    Emergency Relief Program

    ASYASS administers Emergency Relief funds to young people who find themselves needing financial assistance in the form of:

    • purchase vouchers of a fixed value (e.g for food, clothes)
    • assistance to obtain appropriate forms of identification
    • material assistance such as blankets, clothing or school needs
    • appropriate referrals to other services that help to address underlying causes of financial crisis

    This Program is administered from our office located at 12 Undoolya Road

    Resource Centre

    This program is a hub for information, training, life skills development, advocacy and support. More than just a drop in centre, a calendar of training and activities is provided monthly.

    Support workers are available to young people who are not necessarily in our other programs. Outreach and emergency support are provided through this service and they provide linkages to other services.

    They can be assisted to do their laundry, have a shower, assisted with food, clothing and medical needs.

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    Anglicare NT – East Arnhem Money Support Hub

    The East Arnhem Money Support Hub provides free,voluntary and confidential financial counselling,educational activities and advocacy assistance. We assist individuals and families navigate life transitions,financial crises and to build financial capability and resilience. Staff are based in a number of locations in the region,this combines with a regular visitation schedule to other communites and homelands along wiht phone and videconferencing support options.

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    Anglicare NT – No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

    NILS provides individuals and families on low incomes with access to safe, fair and affordable credit. Loans are available for up to $1,500 for essential goods and services such as fridges, washing machines etc. Repayments are set up at an affordable amount over a 12 to 18 month period. To be eligible you must have a Health Care or Pension card or earn less than $45,000 a year after tax ($60,000 for joint applicants or people with children).

    *Note loans cannot be used for cash, rent arrears, debt consolidation, holidays or bills


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    Anglicare NT – Problem Gambling Financial Counselling

    Problem Gambing Financial Counselling is a free,voluntary and confidential service for people with an establihsed or emerging gambling problem. We sort out presenting financial issues and debts,negotiate agreements with gambling venues,help people access therapuetic supports and plan for their future. Impacted family members can also be assisted to protect family assetts.

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    Anglicare NT – StepUP Loans

    StepUP Loans enables people on a low income to obtain a low interest loan of between $800 and $3000. To qualify for a loan,you must hold a Centrelink Healthcare card or Pension card or be eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A and have lived at your current address for at least 3 months. Loan applications can be made for personal,domestic or household purposes but cannot be used for rental bond or consolidation of existing loans.

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    CatholicCare NT – Emergency Relief

    The Emergency Relief program provides short-term financial assistance to individuals and families in immediate financial crisis. It can be one-off assistance, or it may involve a referral to the Financial Wellbeing and Capability program to identify and assist with underlying concerns.

    How we help

    We can assist clients in immediate financial crisis with:

    Referrals to relevant services
    Food vouchers
    Utility bills
    Assistance with budgeting

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    CatholicCare NT – Financial Capability and Wellbeing

    The Financial Wellbeing and Capability (FWC) program is designed to help you manage your finances. We help clients develop financial literacy and capability skills. The program can help vulnerable families become financially independent.

    Who we help

    Everyone can access the service however people on Income Management are prioritised. They are entirely confidential as well as judgement free.

    How we help

    • Financial counselling: Our financial counsellors will provide you with an assessment of your situation. This helps them offer advice on how to handle debt related issues. They work with you to help you achieve your goals and make better financial decisions. This includes education about your rights and obligations to creditors.
    • Financial capability: Case Managers will partner with you to achieve financial literacy. They help you to understand your income, bank accounts and budgets. They look at each situation as a whole and help you to access other appropriate services.
    • Emergency relief: This service helps people with emergency relief in times of financial crisis. Accessing emergency relief is an entry point into the FWC program.

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    Family and Children Enquiry Support (FACES)

    FACES is a telephone hotline that offers information about and referrals to support services throughout the whole of the NT. This service can be accessed by anyone in the community from parents and carers to professionals, who are seeking advice on resources and services that can help support and empower families and children.

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    FACES Worker

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    Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation

    Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation strives to improve the cultural, social and economic well-being of the Jawoyn people, while always caring for country.

    We represent and support the Jawoyn people and country through our human services, land management, cultural and business enterprises.

    Emergency Relief

    Emergency relief is available in the form of food vouchers for indigenous singles and families in financial distress.

    Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation

    Provides human services, cultural & land management programs and business enterprises for the Jawoyn people and indigenous people living on Jawoyn land. Land and parks management programs involve traditional burning techniques and feral animal control. The Corporation also operates as a regional development agency with a strong focus on economic development, enterprise development and the creation of employment opportunities. Business enterprises include Jawoyn Aviation and Nitmiluk Tours. Identification & preservation of cultural sites is also undertaken. The Corporation organises the Barunga Festival and operates the Manyallaluk Art & Craft Centre and the Ghumarn Culture Centre.

    Women’s Leadership Program

    An annual forum for indigenous women from the Katherine region to recognise and develop leadership opportunities.

    The Program also provides a forum under the auspices of the Banatjarl Strongbala Women Grup in which Jawoyn elders and elected representatives meet in alternate months, in their communities, to promote women’s leadership.


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