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    Community Visitor Program

    The NT Community Visitor Program is an independent service located in the Anti-Discrimination Commission.

    Its aim to ensure the rights of those being treated for mental illness or disability are upheld and their views and concerns are heard.

    Community visitors are people employed by the CVP who regularly visit Mental Health Inpatient facilities and Disability Secure Care facilities to ensure an appropriate standard of care.

    The Community Visitor Program (CVP) provides monitoring, complaint resolution and advocacy services for people detained and receiving care under the Mental Health and Related Services Act 1998 and Disability Services Act 1993. The CVP also makes and monitors recommendations on systemic issues such as interpreter use and seclusion reduction.

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    Mental Health Association of Central Australia (MHACA)

    MHACA is a not for profit specialist mental health service providing psycho-social support services and educational programs aimed at enhancing the mental health and well-being of people living in Central Australia.

    We offer a range of services which aim to facilitate wellness for a diverse range of individuals living with mental illness or going through mental distress.

    MHACA provides psychosocial support services, NDIS support coordination and services, individual and group-based supports, educational and training programs and a Drop-in centre.

    MHACA can help people with a diagnosed mental illness with:

    • Building daily living skills
    • Increasing physical health and wellbeing
    • Being confident in the community
    • Managing mental health conditions


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    Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition (NTMHC)

    The NT Mental Health Coalition is the peak body for Non-Government Organisations in the Northern Territory who provide services to mental health consumers and their families. Its members are organisations and its main role is to promote mental health through representing the interests of members and work towards ensuring that Consumers and Carers are provided with quality mental health services.


    To provide an effective peak body function by ensuring a strong voice for member organisations and a reference for government on all issues relating to the provision of mental health services in the Northern Territory of Australia.


    1.To be representative of member organisations providing mental health services across the Northern Territory.
    2.To provide advice and policy input on Northern Territory mental health service provision and any associated challenges to all levels of government.
    3.To contribute a Northern Territory perspective on the provision of effective and accessible mental health services to national mental health networks and associated peak bodies.
    4.To promote and facilitate, and dissemination and discussion, of contemporary information, government policy positions and initiatives to member organisations.
    5.To ensure, where possible within available resources, the provision of sector development services and support to member organisations.
    6.To actively network with local and national organisations to promote awareness of the role of the Coalition and issues related to the provision of quality mental health service provision across the Northern Territory.

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    TEMHCO (Top End Mental Health Consumer Organisation Inc)

    By consumers for consumers – peer support for better mental wellbeing.

    TEMHCO has a drop in centre style of service delivery which provides peer led support, friendship and understanding for anyone experiencing poor mental health, severe and enduring mental illness or a temporary period of reduced mental wellbeing related to life events.

    TEMHCO staff all have personal mental health lived experience and use this in their service delivery as they promote good mental health & wellbeing to members and in the community, they encourage and walk alongside members as they develop or regain life skills and actively promote awareness in the greater to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

    TEMHCO operate a drop-in centre 4 days per week and one day by appointment to assist those with more in depth needs and targeted support to students on work placement. Our activities and therapies are recovery focused, intended to boost confidence, improve skills and provide opportunities to access community activities in the support of friends.

    TEMHCO share their collective lived experience knowledge with their peers, education to members, the public and professionals, providing accurate information, and offer guidance and assistance while engaging other services and advocacy.


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