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    Alcohol & Other Drug Services Central Australia (ADSCA)

    ADSCA provides non-residential alcohol & drug treatment, counselling & case management, centre & home-based detoxification services and community development. Nationally accredited training courses are also available.

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    Amity Community Services Inc.


    Professional and practical counselling for people experiencing problems with their alcohol, drug, or gambling behaviour.

    Drug & Alcohol Service

    Provides information, education, and counselling that is professional and practical.

    Gambling 24hr Helpline – 1800 858 858

    Provides telephone information, education and counselling for people who are experiencing problems with their gambling or for people who are concerned about someone else’s gambling behaviour.

    Inhalants Program

    Provides training and education for retail staff in the safe storage and responsible selling of inhalants.

    Responsible Gambling (RG) Training

    Provides training that builds on good customer service skills that enables gambling industry staff to recognise and respond to red flag behaviours and assist people with self-exclusion.

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    Banyan House – Forster Foundation for Drug Rehabilitation

    Assessment Reports

    Provides assessment reports on request for lawyers and the Parole Board in relation to people undertaking the Drug Diversion Program.

    Banyan House Rehabilitation Service

    Provides accommodation in a residential therapeutic community that offers treatment & rehabilitation services for individuals recovering from alcohol & drug addictions and any co-occurring mental health disorders.


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    Barkly Region Alcohol & Drug Abuse Advisory Group (BRADAAG)

    Barkly Region Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Group (BRADAAG) -AC was established in August 1984. We are a non-profit Community-Based agency incorporated under the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC), funded from a combination of Territory and Commonwealth Government funded programs.

    BRADAAG is the only provider of AOD services for the Barkly Region, and covers an area of approximately 320,000 square kilometres. The Tennant Creek and the Barkly region is home to nine Aboriginal groups including the Warumungu, Walpiri, Kaytetye and Alyawarra people.

    The level of isolation of this remote area service creates challenges in the provision of comprehensive health care. BRADAAG has responded to these challenges by establishing a range of programs that provide a continuum of care for Alcohol and other Drug Clients, so they can receive the necessary, appropriate and on-going support to address their needs within their local area.

    Alcohol & Other Drug Residential Treatment Centre

    Provides accommodation and treatment in a residential setting for a minimum of eight weeks for singles and families with alcohol or other drug problems.

    Outreach & After Care

    Provides a case-managed outreach and after-care service for those with alcohol or other drug problems.

    Accommodation in Transitional Aftercare Units for 13 weeks where clients receive support from BRADAAG Outreach & Aftercare team.

    Referral to appropriate services is provided for brief intervention and coordination of facilities & services including education & training programs.

    Sobering-Up Shelter

    An overnight accommodation shelter is available for those who need a safe place to sober up following drug or alcohol misuse.

    Clients who attend the Sobering-Up Shelter have their clothes washed, Breakfast is provided before clients leave the shelter.


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    Bereaved by Suicide Support Group NT

    BBSSGNT is a suicide bereavement support group for persons over the age of 18 years who have been impacted by suicide loss of a family member, friend or work colleague. Postvention support (support after suicide) is Prevention. For every incident of suicide, research indicates that at least 135 persons are affected by each incident. This equates to approx half a million people nationally in Australia alone. The BBSSGNT is an initiative by SabrinasReach4Life based in Darwin.

    Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month between 6:30pm to 8:30pm @ Harry’s Place, 1 Willeroo Street in TIWI.

    Call 0491 311 211 for more information.


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    CAAPS Healthy Families Program

    CAAPS is a community controlled Aboriginal Corporation that supports people and families through services that reflect our values of caring, openness, respect and empowerment. CAAPS Aboriginal Corporation delivers a range of important community services to people and their families in the Northern Territory.

    CAAPS is the largest not-for-profit family-focused residential alcohol and other drug rehabilitation centre in Northern Australia.

    Healthy Families Residential Rehabilitation Program

    24-Hour residential service.

    A twelve-week residential treatment program providing services to primarily Aboriginal people and their families who are suffering the impact of alcohol or other drug use. The Healthy Families program provides individuals and families with a safe and supportive environment to address substance use issues. The program is made up of a range of education sessions and activities that cover substance use, healthy lifestyles, livelihood, cultural sessions, trauma and healing, and family relationships including parenting.

    Supported accommodation is provided in Dolly Garinyi Hostel for clients undertaking the treatment program. Families and individuals are offered case management and care planning, counselling, initial health screening, life skills development such as caring for self, cooking and nutrition, budgeting and tenancy support.

    The Children’s program supports parenting skills development and school readiness for youngsters up to pre-school age. School age children attend local schools during their stay. The program helps children and young people deal with their feelings about having family members who misuse substances and learn skills to assist in keeping themselves safe, including protective behaviours.

    Self referrals are welcome. Non-residential Day programs are also available.

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    CatholicCare NT – Alcohol and other Drugs Counselling

    Our AOD program provides counselling and group work for people affected by alcohol and drugs misuse. We provide counselling, group work, family work and community education. We help to understand the impact that AOD has on their lives and their family’s lives. We help clients to come up with strategies to reduce the negative affects of their AOD misuse.

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    CatholicCare NT – DAISY Program

    The DAISY program works with youth and their families to address the impact of alcohol and other drugs in their lives. We help young people to reduce harm related behaviours from alcohol and other drugs misuse.

    The program is aimed at young people aged between 12 and 19 years old who use, or are affected by, alcohol and other drugs. We help them change their behaviours and understand the impact that alcohol and other drugs misuse has on their life.

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    Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit (CAAAPU)

    Counselling & Alcohol-Awareness Program

    Provides counselling, alcohol-awareness education, life skills and an after-care program for indigenous people with alcohol An outreach day-care alcohol-awareness program is available for indigenous men and women with alcohol problems. Individuals are able to attend the centre during the day to participate in the programs undertaken by residents in the residential treatment program.

    Outreach Programs

    Outreach school, community and prison programs are available for indigenous children, young people and adults with alcohol problems. This includes follow-up services for people who have completed the residential treatment program.

    Residential Treatment Program

    An eight-week residential treatment program for indigenous people with alcohol problems. The program also assists residents to give up cigarettes and cannabis drug use.


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