Migration Services & Agents

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    Australian Red Cross

    Red Cross mobilises the power of humanity to bring people and communities together in times of need and builds on community strengths to achieve the following outcomes.

    • Disasters and emergencies in Australia – Communities are prepared and resilient to the increasing number of climate-related disasters and other emergencies.
    • International disasters – In Asia Pacific and globally, communities have an increased capacity to prepare for, anticipate, respond to and recover from disasters and crises.
    • Migrants in transition -Refugees, people seeking asylum and people in immigration detention experience a safe, fair, welcoming and inclusive world.
    • Laws of war – Better humanitarian outcomes are reached for people and communities impacted by armed conflicts.
    • First Nations peoples -First Nations peoples and communities build on their strengths to lead systematic changes and have more opportunities to shape their own futures.
    • People in the justice system – As many people as possible never reach the justice system and those who come out of the system are supported to participate in society.
    • Community services – People falling through the gaps, including those experiencing homelessness and loneliness are supported, feel included and empowered in society.
    • Lifeblood – Life-giving blood, plasma, transplantation and biological products for world-leading health outcomes.

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    Darwin Asylum Seeker Support & Advocacy Network Incorporated (DASSAN)

    DASSAN provides advocacy and support services that benefit asylum seekers in the community and in immigration detention in Darwin that include:

    • Direct provision of welfare and emotional support to asylum seekers;
    • Brokering for pro-bono legal, medical and housing services for asylum seekers;
    • Supporting community members to advocate asylum seekers; and
    • Promoting an awareness of the issues affecting asylum seekers.

    Please note: DASSAN is volunteer run organisation, please make contact via our website https://www.dassan.org/ contact us page and someone will respond asap.


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