Crisis Emergency Accommodation

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    Alice Springs Youth Accommodation & Support Services (ASYASS)

    ASYASS believes that all people have a right to secure, appropriate and affordable housing. Many young people are often disadvantaged in their access to housing through factors such as inexperience, family crisis and breakdown, financial insecurity and community prejudice.

    Youth Housing

    The Youth Housing Program Provides semi-independent accommodation (up to 12 months) to young people 16-21yo. The ASYASS Housing Program currently manages these properties are located across Alice Springs. The housing program offers young people, who are unable to reside with family, through case management the opportunity to re-engage with education, training or to gain employment, as well as to develop and strengthen life skills (including living skills) required to establish themselves independently. Where appropriate ASYASS also supports and encourages involvement with family.

    Crisis Youth Refuge

    Provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15-17yo, inclusive 24 hrs/7days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night up to 3 months. During their stay at ASYASS Youth Refuge, young people will also be provided supported though case management (where appropriate).

    Young people will also be supported to:

    • identify and work towards their goals;
    • address their health, education and income needs;
    • develop appropriate life skills
    • (re)engage with family (where appropriate); and
    • access long term accommodation where necessary

    The Youth Refuge provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15 – 17 years, inclusive 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night or up to 3 months.

    Ampe Akweke (pronounced – umba kooka) “Little Babies Place”

    Ampe Akweke is a place for single young women / mothers Program 14-23 years of age. Ampe akweke offers both outreach support and residential support, if the single young women / mothers have no where suitable and safe to stay. Young women can stay in the safe house for up to 3 months. Ampe akweke works with the young women to ensure they have theirs, their unborn child or their babies health needs met. Ampe akweke family support workers provide parenting education and support as well as case management to all young women accessing the program.

    Emergency Relief Program

    ASYASS administers Emergency Relief funds to young people who find themselves needing financial assistance in the form of:

    • purchase vouchers of a fixed value (e.g for food, clothes)
    • assistance to obtain appropriate forms of identification
    • material assistance such as blankets, clothing or school needs
    • appropriate referrals to other services that help to address underlying causes of financial crisis

    This Program is administered from our office located at 12 Undoolya Road

    Resource Centre

    This program is a hub for information, training, life skills development, advocacy and support.  More than just a drop in centre, a calendar of training and activities is provided monthly.

    Support workers are available to young people who are not necessarily in our other programs.  Outreach and emergency support are provided through this service and they provide linkages to other services.

    They can be assisted to do their laundry, have a shower, assisted with food, clothing and medical needs.

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    Borroloola Safe House

     Crisis accommodation is available for women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence. Twenty-four-hour contact is available. 

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    CatholicCare NT – Safe Houses

    CatholicCare NT provides Safe Houses for women and children who are at immediate risk of harm because of family violence.

    How we help

    Our Safe Houses provide an immediate safe place for people escaping family violence. We help families reduce the effects of violence through counselling and support. Our support workers encourage peaceful and non-harmful solutions.

    We know that there are many contributing factors to family violence, so we provide referrals to other services including AOD and family support programs.

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    Crisis Accommodation Gove Inc

    Crisis accommodation Gove provides the highest of client care, confidentiality and support to all women and children experiencing domestic or family violence in an environment that is non-discriminatory, participatory, and culturally respectful.

    The service is committed to promoting the health, wellbeing, and safety of all our clients and their families. A team of Support Workers and a Family & Children Support Worker provide 24/7 assistance.

    Providing education and resources relating to domestic or family violence and involvement in community development activities.

    Provision of support services to women and children who are at risk of or are experiencing domestic or family violence. Advocacy, information, education, referrals to empower women & their families towards self care, and self resilience in community life.’


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    Darwin Aboriginal & Islander Women’s Shelter

    DAIWS provides safe and culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who are homeless or escaping family violence.

    The services provided include support, referral, outreach and domestic violence crisis accommodation.


    Counselling is available for Indigenous women and children. Support and referral are also provided for those experiencing domestic violence. After-hours contact is available.

    Crisis Accommodation

    Crisis accommodation is available for homeless Indigenous women & children and for those escaping domestic violence and sexual assault. After-hours contact is available.

    Information & Support

    Information, referral and support are available for Indigenous women and their children.

    Support and referral are also provided for those experiencing domestic violence. After-hours contact is available.


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    Dawn House

    Accommodation Shelter

    Crisis accommodation is available for women with children experiencing or escaping domestic or family violence. Referral to specialist domestic violence counselling is offered. Twenty-four-hour telephone contact is available.

    Domestic Violence Community Education Service

    Provides training & resource support relating to domestic or family violence for government & non-government agencies. Dawn House  participates in community development activities that work to reduce the incidence of domestic and family violence.

    Domestic Violence Support

    Provides outreach, assistance, information, advocacy, training, counselling, referral and support for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. A children’s support worker is available.

    Twenty-four-hour telephone contact is available.


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    Sujay Kentlyn

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    Katherine Women’s Crisis Centre

    Short-term accommodation is available for women and their children in crisis or escaping domestic violence.


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    Salvation Army – Alice Springs Men’s Hostel

    This service exists to provide accommodation for homeless men, without discrimination.  In the provision of this service we aim to build supportive relationships with our clients in a positive environment in accordance with Christian faith and practice.  We aim to empower clients to make lifestyle choices that will enhance their quality of life and assist them to live independently.

    Services provided:

    • Accommodation, meals and support to homeless men
    • Counselling
    • Referrals to appropriate services for assistance
    • Support to clients living in the community

    We have 21 beds for young men over age 18, catering in particular for those with mental health issues. The accommodation is meant to be short-term so we endeavour to help them to find more stable accommodation if they wish to remain in Alice Springs.

    We provide 3 meals a day and provide support through referrals to employment agencies, medical treatment, counselling and the Positive Lifestyle course where it is appropriate.

    Most of the accommodation is single room with shared bathroom facilities. We also have some single rooms with ensuites.

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    Salvation Army – Red Shield Hostel

    The Red Shield Hostel provides short to 6 month accommodation for singles over 18 who are at risk of homelessness. Residents have access to our Street 2 Home, Door Ways and Positive Lifestyle programs all designed to assist people back into mainstream society and out of poverty.

    Red Shield Housing Services

    • Budget priced single rooms for vulnerable singles over 18 who are deemed to be at risk of homelessness
    • All rooms are accessed via internal staircases
    • There are no lifts in the building
    • Bookings can be made between 9am and 3:30pm daily
    • Rent is payable in advance, we do not give credit
    • Promotes a drug-free, alcohol-free, and violence-free environment
    • Guests are required to observe hostel rules
    • No pets allowed

    Single rooms

    • Rooms are available on a 6 month basis.
    • Rooms are fan cooled and contain a single bed, table, chair, storage cupboards and small fridge
    • Hostel staff service all rooms on a weekly basis and provide fresh linen
    • Communal kitchen, male and female amenities are located on each level of the building
    • Coin operated laundry is located on the ground floor

    Street2Home Case Management Program

    As part of the Red Shield Hostels commitment to empowering clients, we offer a case management program called Street2Home.

    What can you expect?

    • Weekly meetings with your case worker, and more frequently if required.
    • Help with establishing goals in your life and support from your case worker to achieve these
    • Encouragement to participate in programs run by other organisations
    • Support from your case worker to take initiative and be self supported
    • Regular social outings and involvement in cultural activities
    • Assistance completing applications and referrals for other helpful services
    • Understanding when things might not go as planned

    What do we expect from you?

    • Commitment to attend weekly meetings with your case worker
    • Honesty when discussing current situations
    • A willingness to complete and submit a Territory Housing application
    • An attitude of willingness and self betterment
    • Evidence of making progress and achieving your goals
    • Respect, for yourself and others

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    Salvation Army – Towards Independence Program

    We provide confidential, transitional housing and outreach support program that can assist families to move from a crisis situation to living independently in their community.

    Families are referred from other Salvation Army services and various community organizations. Eligibility is determined through meeting with families and discussing their situation


    • Offer transitional housing
    • Provide ongoing regular outreach support
    • Assist families with their physical and material needs
    • Assist in the development of a support plan
    • Provide referrals to other services (eg. Children’s services, counselling, legal services)
    • Help to secure permanent housing
    • Talk to other services on your behalf
    • Provide guidance to appropriate life skills (eg. Parenting, budgeting, cooking etc)
    • Access to support networks, home visits, recreational activities and social events.


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